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“Go Adavait ! Faster go -” this is all I could hear the further scream was inaudible as my head submerged inside the water. The nostrils were already doing their job by now forcing the air out of my lungs , simultaneously cells of my appendicular skeleton were breaking down the inhaled oxygen to form energy for my limbs to move faster. I could feel thewater cutting through me smoothly like the knife on the butter.
“Too much effort.” my inner self said without a hint of an emotion. I couldn’t resist but agree. I could feel the pain all over my body , my limbs were limping.”Is this the essence of losing?” I ask myself. “No you must win. This isn’t over yet. Win!” a voice said , making me move faster than earlier. A strange force had possessed me by now. All the pain was disappearing , it felt pleasant. All the Chaos and melancholy was now turning into a coordinated rhythm, a beautiful melody. My inhalation turned deep and fast and exhalation slow and shallow. I knew what I needed to do to win. “Lesser you breathe, faster you swim.” Amar sir had once told me this. “This is it I know I am gonna win!” Now the stroke was getting better- “inhale pull pull pull inhale pull pull pull pull pull inhale.” The rhythm was starting to settle. The pull:breathe ratio was of 7:1. Now I was invincible. All it took was 4 breathes and 30 pulls along with the kick whose speed was equivalent to that of a machine gun, and the distance of 50 meters would complete in just 22 seconds.
“Yes the gold is mine!” I woke up screaming excitedly my heart was racing, in no time i realised the the ludicrous dream of mine to become a prodigy.”uugh..not again!” I growled as I threw my upper body back on the bed. This was the twentieth time i was having the same dream since i left swimming, now the dream was rather turning into a nightmare. Leave me alone already I said to the thin air.

I looked at the clock, it was past 1. My dreams were always followed by sleep deprivation reality check and guilt of quitting. Today was no different. Atleast thats what i thought, but today the situation was different the tables were turned. All this regret and guilt, i couldn’t hold it any longer. “I have to do something.” I said to myself declaring the war with myself. The universe was telling me to follow the path I deserted lily-liveredly, it was telling me to achieve the dream for which I would proffer my soul. It was telling me to become the progidy I was destined to be.
Indeed it was difficult but my willpower wasn’t weak either I was even related to the against the wind storm if I had to, and two years later here I was at the national swimming tournament.”Event 50 metres freestyle-boys. All the participants please come to the respective blocks the event will start shortly.” the movement when announcement was done my heart skipped its beat. All the hard work I did. The pain I endured, humiliation, inferior complex, underconfidence, all my extra practices and all the sacrifices are made to stay in the competition. All of it jogged down memory lane in a blink of an eye. My feet felt cold, body numb. My eyes were constantly searching for Amar sir my coach, the man who always believed in me.”Adavait.” Amar sir called. Strangely in a second or two i was clam and ready. Radu to fight, i knew what I had to do. “Always remember lesser you breathe, faster you swim. All it will take is 22 seconds.” He assured. A sudden rush of adrenaline went down my spine.I was grateful to my guardian Angel, my dear coach. For only he knew what I was forged of.
“Yes coach. Only 22 seconds to win!” I replied.


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