//A day at the coffee house

A day at the coffee house

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As I walked past the wind chimes ,I observed the wooden rustic photo frames that hung on the pastel coloured walls. Behind the partition wall, stood Anita.

Anita, my true friend; somebody who’s always been by my side and has seen me grow. She has stood through the thick and thins of my life.

Memories of the good old times, flashed back at me, as she walked towards me,waving her hand in the air, with a smile on her face.

It has been 10 years. So weird how things have changed over the time,little by little, and yet we didn’t realise.

I remember, her being a part of my everyday conversations and now, I will be meeting her after 10 long years.

She came walking towards me and we shook hands.With a warm big smile on her face, she said ‘hi’. It seemed as if my partner in crime had returned. I said ‘Hello madam, welcome back’. She laughed,while we both grabbed chairs for ourselves and got seated.

‘How things have changed in the past few years, look the once ‘notorious kid’ has turned into a successful entrepreneur. I sometimes wonder, how destiny has everything decided beforehand’ Anita said.

‘Anita,I am still the same notorious person that i used to be,it’s just that my profession demands me to be in a certain way,but nonetheless,I am still the same person’ I said.

The waiter came, and placed a colourful menu card in front of us.

Strolling through the menu and chit-chatting, we decided to order some Aloo filled patties with masala tea.

‘So where were we?’ I asked.

She said ‘All of our friends and the both of us, have gotten into such diverse fields.Neha, who thought she wanted to be a chartered accountant,is now running her own yoga school and Akash,who thought he would never clear his law exams, is a well-to-do off lawyer today.Life always has something in store for us.We think,that if we don’t make it to a certain goal, we fail,but actually we are preparing ourselves for even bigger opportunities.’

‘True.Do you remember, how I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start up a venture of my own, but I wondered whether I should take the risk.’ I said.

Biting onto the patty, she said ‘Ritesh, how can I forget. You spent days and nights preparing, before the final placements. Then came the day when you finally cracked the job at WoodBlock Ltd.It was a dream for so many of your batchmates.I remember you being looked upon by numerous people,but you still had that one dream in your mind.’

‘You know,Anita, the dilemma had surrounded me.Yes I had cracked a job which was no less than a perfect ‘dream job’ for many of us, but still, it was never ‘my dream’’.

In fact ,I understood this quite well,but my mind questioned, “what if? What if I leave this job and don’t end up being anywhere.”I said.

‘But you know, somehow,whatever I am today, is all because of that one decision. For the chance that I had taken. Sometimes in life, we just need to trust ourselves. We know what is good for us, and what we are truly capable of.

Taking a calculative risk, is never wrong. I am so thankful for the chance I took. ‘ I said.

Passing me over the ketchup,she said ‘Look, like you realised this yourself, all of us, have the capability to recognise our true potential. We often worry unnecessarily, but what we fail to realise is that having a passion for something is way more important than anything else.If we’re passionate,we end up making path for ourselves and all the obstacles get cleared.

Sometimes, the key is patience. Being patient and just trusting the process. As the ones’ who truly believe in the power of their dreams, never fail. ‘

I giggled and said,’ I agree that times have changed, but you haven’t. You’re still the same old philosophical person, that you used to be’.

She laughed, and said ‘Definitely Ritesh. Go on making fun of me.But I’m so happy that you have finally achieved what you had desired for, in your life.’

Her phones buzzed and she said ‘Listen, I am running a little late on time.So I shall take your leave now, but I promise to meet you soon. All the best for your future ahead. See you, until next time’ and smiled.

I bid her an adieu, waving her a goodbye and wishing luck and success for the both of us, we parted ways. Until we meet the next time, having achieved greater success and happiness in the journey of life.


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