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A Doctor’s Dream

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In the year of 2011, Mithila was in her final year of BDS (bachelor of Dentistry), she has been an extraordinary girl having ambitions to become MDS and having a beautiful life with her partner of life. She was fortunate to have fall in love with a man from his cast doing his graduation from Aiims in orthopedic. She has started to weaving her post marriage dreams of personal , family and professional life with similar profession partner. As they were like a love bird has convinced their parents for marriage and after completion of their graduation they got married. Everything was going smooth as they were having honeymoon period of life and meanwhile Mithila got admission for MDS and there is a blessing of god came to her life as she conceive of a baby boy. She has received support and carrying from all her family members and in laws and roommates and faculty during her MDS.

On 27th December, 2014 she gave birth to a baby boy and entire family got filled with happiness and joy. Now she has moved to her in laws house in Kolkata. She has started to discuss with her partner regarding her wish to practice as a dentist and have her own small clinic. She has received promise after promise but no execution and support from her partner. It has been more than 3 years by now and slowly expectation of her in-laws started to coming to surface regarding her to be like housewife and do “Seva of family members”.

Mithila is mature to understand psychology of her parents in laws and thus show her willingness to manage her house hold duties as well as her career as a dentist. As she was expecting a understanding and moral support from her partner , she got regret from him all the time as her partner was a narcissistic  man who was only interested about his life and career.

During these years, Mithila had continuously tried for government exams and finally got selected in Indian Railway as a doctor. She has tried all possible ways to sustain her married life by compromising at all front. Now her in laws and her husband started abusing her and started physical violence as she was not doing according to them like being a housewife and taking care of baby , husband and in laws.

At the other end she has turned for support from her parents and brothers, unfortunately she got nothing from them too. At this junction Mithila realized that either she can give away her identity by compromising her dreams or fights out and start a new life of her choice.

Now it has been three years , Mithila is happily working with Indian railway and taking care of her 5 years old son. Yes she had taken divorce and now she is independent working mother.

There is a Mithila in every family who needs moral support to live her life and dreams.



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