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A VOICE…unheard

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It was a night just a day before her life was put to an end before starting ,her death before birth.Well, this might be sounding illogical and incorrect but only the two persons are aware about the pain they are suffering deep inside their hearts. Their souls, heart beats even breath got connected and was working all together. The baby girl inside the womb was happily waiting for perceiving a new life of her right trusting her mother for love she gave until now.But,tonight the baby was questioned and sad for she being untouched by her mother. Whole day there wasn’t a single vibe of affection from outside of the womb .The baby was uable to bare this any more and she cried to her mother. Hey, my world, my breath did i got mistaken somewhere ? why did you kept me alone today?

The mother was not able to speak out, those tears was not ready to stop and dry out. But also, the baby girl was not letting her question remain unanswered .The mother had to speak now ,with a very suppressed voice with a damn feeling of disgrace she exclaimed” Dear, tomorrow I will be doing a crime for which even god would not forgive me-i will be stealing your life, breaking your dream”. I am going to abort you.

The child said its a last word i could say which will be only heard by you mom, i hope you would convey this simple but a thoughtful message to every mother like you .”We children has no voice which is why we depend on yours. It’s a child and not a choice ,if it’s not a baby you’re not pregnant, a mother who loved someone which was never born and i am sorry to say abortion makes you a mother of a dead baby not an un-pregnant woman.

I hope some day my voice would be heard by everyone. That day my soul will rest in peace in satisfaction of not being me alive rather made other girl child.”


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I am an IT engineer ,will be passing out in 2020. Writing,poetry are my hobbies .when certain things strike me i write them down. I feel good when i read my blogs.

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