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Adversity brings out our hidden potential

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There are hard times in everyone’s life. But for a student, it is when they will be cowered in fear and showered with expectations about the exams. The day arrived when I had to appear for my exams. My eyes blurred , hands shivered and all I was able to hear was the tik-tok sound of the clock in the exam hall that made me go blank. Eventually , I didn’t perform well not because I didn’t prepare well but because i got nervous & stressed about the expectations everyone had on me.

It was “The Result day”. I knew this day is going to be worse but I was hoping for some miracle to happen. I saw my parents waiting curiously when the result page kept loading. The result showed up and as expected my cut off went low. The whole house was filled with disappointment and there came the death calls from relatives. This would have been the situation in many houses of poor students after result. My dad said that he cannot afford to get me a engineering seat with my marks. At that point, i felt all my dreams of becoming an software engineer shattered and was not  able to control my tears. I was told to take up other courses by my relatives. Yes, they were my enemies then.

I pleaded my dad to somehow get me an engineering seat. So finally, he was convinced and didn’t want to get the blame for not educating me as per my wish. So, he took me to a private university on one condition that i should repay him the whole education fee once i get a job. I said yes.

The happiest times of one’s life ,the college times were spent by me with so much responsibility keeping in mind the promise i made to my father, the criticisms made by my relatives and the marks that proved me as dumb kid .I kept scoring good marks and three years passed with so much pressure in my mind while my fellow mates were enjoying their college life. Then it was time for campus placement and there were very few companies coming to our university. I was not placed in any. I got fed up. But,i reminded myself of the worst times i had aftermath the board exam result. My failures motivated me. We had a reputed MNC company coming the next day. I promised myself that i will get into it. I studied all night and appeared for the interview. You won’t believe i cleared all the rounds.

Next day, i got a mail saying i was selected by the company. That was the happiest day of my life. Firstly, i called my dad who believed in me and gave me a chance to pursue the education i wished for. My parents were in the peak of happiness that they called all my relatives who once thought that i am a dumb kid and informed them that i got placed in a well reputed company.

It is actually true that ” Failures are the stepping stone to success”. And adding to the happiness, i got the proficiency award for holding second rank in my department. I was able to get the marks that once proved me as a dumb kid. I saw smiles on my parents face and yes that was an achievement for me. So guys, it is the rough roads that leads you to the heights of greatness. Never give up on yourself because of few failures.



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