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Everything was good in life! When I came back from vacation, I noticed that school has reopened and classes had started. It was that time when I was in 10th and noticed that teachers  had completed 2-3 chapters in all the subjects . i wondered what would happened. I wasn’t  able to score in any of the test conducted. I was tensed! one day , due to this nervousness I fainted in class and was immediately admitted to hospital. When  I opened my eyes , i saw my teacher in tears and was holding my hand, but that day, i wasn’t able to understand why was ma’am crying. Then my dad said, “the one who loves you more, will never think of losing you”. I admired , a teacher ,really ! After 3 days, I  was completely alright and when I went back to school, I met ma’am first  and said her that I was fine. Later, she used to come during short and lunch breaks to check whether I had my food or not. As I was in 10th, all the teachers were anxious about my health condition and my score, they even thought that i would not be able to crack my board exams. Days passed by and finally it was on 1st June that we got our class room, timetable etc. I  moved towards the notice board just to see which all  days and periods we had P.T because I used to hate studies and loved playing all the time. It was 3rd period on that day when a new teacher had come and she was our G.K teacher . so , as usual I was having fun in class with my group which irritated ma’am a lot as she was teaching , She said us to sit quietly  and we followed.

After few days, Principal ma’am and other teacher about me to G.K  teacher and suggested her to talk to me. It was Thursday and ya, that was GURU POORNIMA  day and I didn’t know that . Later, GK ma’am told me to meet her after lunch, which I did. For the first time, I was alone with a teacher who was sitting right opposite to me. Slowly we started talking and ma’am said me that was GURU POORNIMA. She told me to fold my hands and  wish her .. I followed her. After all these, ma’am started explaining me biology  and I stopped her and said I hate bio. She said okay and then told me to close my eyes. I did what ma’am told and she started narrating a story.she took me to imagination world. I felt it to be very interesting . with full enthusiasm I told it was amazing and later noticed that ma’am had completed 1st chapter. like this ma’am started teaching me many things and giving me h.w . i fell in love with her teaching , ma’am never taught me in class room , especially never with books . But somewhere the efforts by my said was not enough .  My DAD , who is my hero and my second teacher  got a home tutor for me who taught me math and science. The tutor was good enough in teaching but always yelled at me to upgrade my standard of learning to his level but i could not so he stopped teaching me math. my mom who is my first teacher said don’t worry , you go to your old math teacher , I then said its very far . she said don’t worry . My MOM  who couldn’t wake up early , woke up early and packed delicious food for me and around 5  boxes for me. so, that I could go to tuition’s directly from school . My G.K teacher used to call me and wake me up around 5 a.m , and even late night ma’am use to teach me . Before reaching to examination center ma’am use to revise important point, cools me down and ya those 3 magical words “ALL THE BEST’ which always delighted me and gave me a lot of courage. Finally i passed out with flying colours.

A Teacher is the one who Structures a student life.

A Student is a clay, only where teachers can shape their life into beautiful modules.

– Garima.k


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