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Always High….,My Story

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I am Shashank and i am from Delhi., I would like to tell you something intresting and very inspiring about me and my life, Actually I was in 10th when my family decided about my future in Engineering and I will choose science in 11th and i am weak in studies and seriously i dont want to study, i slept when i read a book but i dont giveup because of my family pressure on me and in 2009 i passed my 12th by 72% and then i join a college to pursue B.tech because at that time in 2009 there was a very big scope and no seats were available for Mechanical Stream so i choosed that but wrong Decision coz when i paased my b.tech there was no scope in Mechanical Industry All thanks to China coz all Indian Market is in the hand of china and all huge manufacturer’s are there, There is only a Single Industry who hires all graduates and i.e. IT industry, All big IT giants were in colleges to hire students at very low cost after then some of them were continue and rest were fired by them due to lack of talent or something else and at that time in 2014 i was working with a pneumatic Industry as a production supervisor and my payoff was just Rs.8000/month, and after 1 year i lost that job then i join as a sales executive at 18000/month In delhi to sales some packing machines and i leave that job in 3 days coz i can’t work there then i am at home and really sad i was in my worst condition, NO Money and pressure by Family to do something and that 1 day came into my life, I remember when i was wake-up at 7:30 in morning and my mom and dad shouting on me just because i am unemployed and just doing time paas all the time so when i wake-up my family continously shouting on me and i was very angry that day because if there is no job for me, i dont want to do this shit that 15-20k job, and i ran away to mumbai in next 1 hr., I take some 5000rs. from my friend and some 10000 i was saved, i take that money i book train called gareeb rath from Hazrat Nizammuddin to Bandra and next morning at 8:00am i was in mumbai Bandra, then there was raining and then i thought now where i should go? coz i dont know a single person there, i ran away because of my anger but i smoke a cigarette after reaching mumbai and then i call a auto to search some hotels and then that autowala asked me 100rs. to get me hotels coz that taxivala think i am new in mumbai, and he tries to make me fool so i reject that taxivala then he asked me how much u want to pay, i told him if u get to me a nice A.C  hotel room i will pay u 20Rs. because that autovalas has some commision with hotels he take me to some 3star hotels but i dont have money to afford them i was continously searching for some dharamshala or some dominatory means something cheap which i can afford in that auto, and then i tell that autovala, u can go now i will search by my own and i pay him 20rs. and in that rain i was searching in a new city without money i was seriously afraid and its fun too, but after asking some ahopkeepers and some rikshawwala i found a dominatory at 250rs./day. So i take that and my family continously tries to contact me but my phone is off, they complaint to police a about me but i was in mumbai, and then after reaching hotel i on my phone and i found 2456 missed calls from my mom and that day i realised my family seriously loves me a lot, Really whatever your family told u, dont take it seriously they loves u and i called my mom next day after reaching hotel and she attempt it in just single ring and she crying a lot she is not sleeped that night and i remember her first words after picking my phone she called me monty my nickname, she said “Monty??” and when i say “haan mummy” she start crying and crying, my mom continously throwing questions on me like where are u, how r u, and then i told my mom everything and i told her that mom here is raining and i am in my hotel room then she tell me if u go there then go and have some fun then i feel some satisfaction and then i make hungama in mumbai and i found a friend there who comes for his exam, i and he makes fun all day and my younger brother booked my return ticket from mumbai 1 day after i reached there. so next day my return train is booked and i reached home and when i reached home my mom and dad both are laughing and happy and that day my mom cook SHAHI PANEER for me and seriously from that day i am start searching to do something and then i heard about Share Market, and I asked everybody whom i know about it but no one, No one is here who teach me or provide me right direction towards goal, then i start studying about Stock market and i learn and learn and learn i keep learning trading investing for 2 years at my home no job, No money, Just study and i cleared some NISM exams i have seen all lectures about C.A. and at some stage i know a lot about stock market and the  i decide to do CFA to get a job and i applied for CFA L-1 and i failed in that exam, then i decide not to do job but i will start Investing in stock market and earn some money, and now I am able to make me Happy just by Investing and I know I can do anything and i dont need anyone, I am capable and the most easiest thing in this world is earning Money., Please dont lose hope, Everything gonna be fine some day, There is a God Who listens you and check wether u r capable or not to get the success. Please keep respect your parents, Seriously “BHUT ASAR HAIN MAA KI DUAAO ME, KABHI AANSU NA AANE DENA UNKI AANKHON ME..,



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