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Based on true story

There is a boy named SAURAV SINHA. At the age of 18,he was interested in computer science and engineering ,he joined engineering in vidyalankar institute of technology. As he is a nature lover, he love to photograph the beautiful nature around us. He started learning PHOTOGRAPHY . At initial phase he faced lot of problems. He have to manage both studies and photography as well. Anyhow he learned photography by himself. Now the difficult task for Every Indian middle class kid is to convince their parents. Saurav asked his parents, they rejected.. They didn’t allowed him to do photography . By that time he wanted to start a YOUTUBE CHANNEL. He started doubting himself just by comparing with big YouTube photography channels. He asked his parents again and again ,and the ultimate answer from their parents is no! He decided to prove them not to convince them.He is a person who can’t even wake-up early in the morning to prepare for exams. As he is very passionate about photography, one fine day he captured a pic in 3:30AM in the morning. By that time he realised that passion changes people in a good way . He started focusing on academics, photography and creating YouTube content. His initial motivation is “if I’m not going to do it! Someone else is going to do it who is having same 24hrs a day I have”.Everything is possible when you believe in urself. He started participating in photography competitions. He has won prizes in state level landscape photography. He started managing time to create YouTube content. One fine day a girl messaged him saying that ‘Hey saurav ! Ur videos are amazing. Keep rocking Man!! ‘.His motivation was doubled because the message is from a girl. He changed his perspective about YouTube channel from that day. His YouTube channel deals with the different photography techniques and cameras. He has been making YouTube content from the past 3 years and now it is the biggest photography YouTube channel across India with more than 250K subscribes. The main objective behind this channel is to educate the audience and inspire them to be better photographers. He has collaborated with big brands such as NIKON, SIGMA, APERTURE, POLARPRO, PALETTE etc. He enjoys his work and helps audience to learn photography. He attended so many workshops held at New Delhi, kolkata, Mumbai, Tamil nadu, telangana and helps so many people .And this person gonna do something big in his future… let’s wait!





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