//An Iota of Love

An Iota of Love

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The year is 2014, month is May, somewhere in the third week. Mimo just got admitted. He is due to undergo a spine surgery the next day. He is reserved- can’t show his nervousness in front of a almost tearful mother. 

2 weeks later; he is home, can hardly move his head- the pain is excruciating. Next month his college life begins.

A few months pass – academically he is doing okay, but he is depressed.

He cannot participate in any kind of sports, he goes out only for his classes; he is hardly able to walk without support.

 He is always getting sympathies and lines like ” you will be okay/ don’t worry/ there is nothing called depression its all in your head….blah! blah!blah!”; college life, people say, is the best time of one’s life, to be deeply cherished, but alas, he all but enjoys his college days. 

He doesn’t want sympathy, he is unwilling to hear lectures and baseless advises; he just wants to be heard, to be understood, just for a hand reaching out to him, willing to hold his in his darkest days…..but there is none. Not yet.

One day on his way to college, he meets a young girl. He is dumbstruck! Beauty like he has never seen before; a brunette with hair so glossy as he has never seen, with a face so innocent and angelic as to melt even the most hardcore person. 

She looks back at him and, as it seemed to him, smiles.

They start hanging out in between classes and he shares his lunch with her everyday.

Slowly yet steadily, his depression fades, giving room to LOVE! an unconditional love which is reciprocated with equal fervour.

LOVE! which knows no bounds, no age , no race, caste, creed; just a pure feeling, a pure untainted and unadulterated emotion – AH! priceless!

Days pass; months pass; Mimo brings her home; his parents come to love her equally as him. He couldn’t be happier.

His grades improve, his social skills, his overall appearance and mood and behaviour and everything in between, the graph of all this just keeps on ascending.

  Ah, love! What a magical feeling, what a blessing to be loved and give back love in return. Mimo and his loving Mimi.

Mimi was there for him when he was at his lowest, he was depressed and even had contemplated the extreme outcome.

What great difference a little smile can make! what wonders a little bit of kindness can do!

What magical healing ability is there in just listening, without judgement and offer a comforting hug; a comforting, warm kiss filled with love and kindness , what unearthly divinity it has!

2nd year begins; Ma – ” Mimo don’t forget to take lunch for Mimi too.”

” I won’t , did you get the pedigree chicken and vegetables for her? she loves it. oh! before I forget please remind me to buy a good supplement for her fur.”

LOVE ! it has no species! 



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