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I am a home maker , I love to read the stories that depicts the real life events and especially the ones that are most inspiring. Please 🙏 do share your thoughts about this story.
Hello,readers ! Please share your feedback 🙏 I had tried here to convey a small message a small push for educating our daughters

फोन होल्ड पे है!!

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        शादी एक ऐसा सुंदर वचन जो दो लोग मिलकर निभाते हैं. साथ में बढ़ते हुए एक दूसरे को संभालने का वचन," सुबह होते ही हर दिन, हर रोज, पूरी जिंदगी एक ही इंसान के प्यार में [...]


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It was Wednesday morning, the clock was ticking 10 am I had already made breakfast for my husband , I was getting late I shouted as there was a chaos going on mind  "Today also she is late ,why she [...]