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An Avid Learner, A Creative Freak, A Spontaneous Writer.. A environmental enthusiast , a movie buff with a compassionate heart... Once an IT Professional and Now a Seeker .... Currently working with an NGO for underprivileged kids in Noida. Professionally, I am a software engineer with more than 10 years of working experience with a reputed MNC. I lately left my job to find my true calling. I have a flair for writing and lately did a course from British Council for Creative Writing. Even during my professional tenure, I kept seeking chances to read literature, to teach/learn English and even to write.

You are enough for me …

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Each missed period was celebrated with subdued fear. Each home-pregnancy-test-strip was bought with an anxious hope. Checkups and needles were our everyday story. We both so wanted to have a child, our own child, that we were ready to challenge [...]

The Forgotten Warrior

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Suresh is late today and I am so anxious. Suresh kisses Shruti and Raman, only when they are asleep. Gentleness of his kiss and affection of his eyes belies the filthiness of his work.  As soon as he is back, [...]