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Being a Chameleon….

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Once upon a time , there lived a young happy couple in a small town. Mr. John,the husband was a handsome man who is an hallmark of kindness and discipline . Mrs. Josie, the wife is an untiring home maker who is beautiful and extremely helpful. Both of them were  known for their love towards each other , in fact they were termed as the perfect couple by the people in their town. John was working in a private firm. They both were leading a happy life with their earnings and always used to help the needy in all the means they could. As days passed on, the family extended…they were blessed with two sons. Now so as the family doubled, the happiness also did. The life was going well and an incident happened. ……So what is it??? One fine day… while Josie was dusting the home she looked in to a drawer…..A blurry background was all that she could see. Is this blurry background going to blur her dreams and vision??A harsh truth came up …it is the ‘Retina Detachment’ due to which she lost the proper eyesight of her left eye and she is going to have a blurred vision for her lifetime. This was heart breaking and too hard it take it…she cried..cried..for days ,weeks…but she never gave up and thought that this was end of everything . She bagged in all the confidence with help of the motivation from her family and got back to the form. With all the love from her family she was back to normal and was living her life happily. Life is never going to be stable as you want it to be …right? Her husband John got transferred and moved to a new place. Now, it is Josie who has to look after the family . Being a strong lady, she took up all the responsibilities and was leading the family . Finally, all responsibilities came to an end . John was retired and they were about start  second innings of their life .But then a demon entered their life which disturbed the whole family. How is Josie going to face this?? She was diagnosed with cancer.Wait..what ?? Yes Josie was diagnosed with Cancer…..The whole family was in shock and were blaming the god for giving such a misery but then Josie stood on the other side.   Accepting the reality , digesting the truth she has become a warrior and started fighting against the demon. After a long struggle of 3 years , she was succeeded in killing the demon. Her firm determination has become her strength and helped her to come out of the maze with flying colors. After the two tiring wars in her life , she was then enjoying her life to the fullest with her family. Is this happiness enduring??? No… No…. It was a war again  where this warrior was left alone in the battlefield…There was no one to either to fight or to support. What happened ?? Her dreams shattered…she lost her love …her world ..her husband John. There were no tears left in eyes to flow down her cheeks. Her source of motivation , support system is no more. This was one of the hardest things she could accept but she did. Keeping all their memories and his love deep inside her heart , she was moving forward with her family…… She was continuing the journey all alone turning the bitter truths into life lessons…..

There will be times when things would not happen the way they are supposed to.Life is going to show up changes every second. The success tales will become stories of the past.You will start thinking as if everything is over, as things are slipping away from your grip. Your positivity simmers down to neutrality if not to negativity. Hopes take a back seat. Luck seems to be against you.Now that is time,  Put a stop to whatever you are thinking, considering or doing. Just stop. Stop everything. The one thing you have to do is to accept the reality, adapt to the changes that come in life as a chameleon. Chameleons have this wonderful ability of changing their color according to the space they live in. In the same way we have to change ourselves according to situations in life. Here in the above story, Josie’s life was full of miseries but she never gave up and stopped there. She has accepted the reality, adapted to the changes and made her life beautiful in the way she could. She have faced all the situations with great courage in her heart. She was a chameleon in her life……



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