//Ber Month Realization- Changed

Ber Month Realization- Changed

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I would just like to share with you, our dear readers how I deal with this ongoing pandemic in “ber”.


For my culture; we Filipinos love to celebrate Christmas. It’s like when September hits, almost all of us are going insane in celebrating Christmas. May it be gifts or clothes to wear for all those parties and celebrations or dishes to try and celebrate with someone or some people or for your own consumption or putting all the Halloween and Christmas decorations or colors inside and or outside your homes or in the office or simply by playing all the Christmas tunes, songs, melodies you can think of. But since it’s still the pandemic. A lot of people lost their jobs, got sick, some died and some did some petty to serious crimes to live since it all affected us in all kinds of ways, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental…


As a person, I’m very much a YOLO kind of person. I always see to it that I live all of my waking and breathing days. I’m also very keen on money pinching. But not extreme as to the UK shows airing on TLC (The Learning Channel). I’m also not an avid fan of gift giving. Too much gift giving, that is. I appreciate material wealth but I’m into more of the thought and effort the person gives to me.




For the recently concluded October 2020, I started preparing not just for my pageant preparations as I had shared with my Facebook friends; I’m also preparing for my gifts to my loved ones. Simple tokens I must say. Because it doesn’t consume the whole 20x 15 reusable gift bags that I bought. These are really small but not tiny. Some may even consider it as a token not a gift for its size. But hey, it’s a revision of what I actually wanted to buy for them.


My mother said that I should go easy on my spending because it’s still pandemic and we don’t know what might happen. Precisely my point. We don’t know what might happen, so I’m doing Christmas early. Little by little. In whatever way. In whatever human body can sense. Even your memory.


Money is money. I worked hard for it. I earned it. I have savings allotted in each aspect of my responsibility in present and future times. Who knows. We might not have Christmas 2020. Or maybe we can’t anymore buy anything because of the extra pandemic changes. Or who knows what might happen to me, you, us, them.


Uncertain times. I’m not being insensitive to those who lost in material wealth or sanity or even a life. It’s just that, this is what I feel YOLO. For a moment, I want to spend some of my hard earned honest cash to and for my loved ones as an early Christmas treat. At least in my eyes, it’s still the usual gift giving. The thought of it makes me calmer.


You. What’s your pandemic You Only Live Once moment?


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