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Birth Month Reflection

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It’s Day 7 of December 2020. It’s my month. I have a push and pull kind of relationship with birthdays and birth months. As you see, I used to love greeting people; incorporating something personal and as to my relationships with the birthday celebrants in terms of my greeting (both act and deed or both gift and dedication/ birthday greeting). I’m not trying to join the bandwagon or to bring any negative vibes in my greetings. I just want to personally inform this person that I’m happy he/she was born and I’m grateful I happen to experience his/her in our life journeys. But in 2013, a handful of individuals disliked and hated me for remembering them on their birthdays. And so with that, I started to stop greeting people. I stop greeting them even if it’s posted or people around us started greeting them. I start removing all set reminders for their birthdays (except my immediate family). I start being aloof in parties. I start being silent and not that of a celebratory kind of person on my birth days. But there are two things I always do whenever it’s my birthday or birth month. One, I celebrate it with my family; a very intimate kind of celebration. Two, I always find ways to double my silent act of random kindness in whatever way.


But it’s been 2 years that I’m sharing publicly and asking for other people for a generic to all kinds of help online in regards to “my birth month charity give back” via my personal social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.


Normally, I don’t do this Act of Random Kindness in a great scale and with every single person that I may know to a complete random stranger having an almost great deal of awareness and knowledge of what I do. I, for those who really know me know that I don’t like to talk when I do something in this kind of sense. Normally, I just don’t discuss about it or when I do something to someone, I ask that person to pass it onto the next person that he or she genuinely feels the connection to ignite some free good will or good vibes.


Last 2019, I was a somewhat active Ambassador for ROX Jewelry Shop in which every purchase you make, a percentage goes to either my chosen charity or the buyer’s own choice; what matters is a certain percentage gives back to a charitable organization or group that is very dear between the Ambassador and the buyer. Let me tell you a bit of what ROX Jewelry Shop is all about. The brand is from Austin, Texas. I was invited, selected and recruited via Instagram. The company partners with different individuals, groups and organizations to give out positivity, upliftment, motivation and reason/ purpose. Everything that’s been put together by each material used in each jewelry are made, selected and carefully chosen and with specified reasons. The team partnered with A Moment of Magic Foundation in which we give out hope to these clinically ill children who are suffering from serious life threatening illnesses. There was this one post that the partnership between the two; shared on Instagram that made me feel like I made the right choice. There is this one specifically made star choker (the original one is with adjustable straps of red and green in which it’s made with vegan leather in a crystal white lock with gold star designs) in which whenever you purchase it, it goes back to A Moment of Magic Foundation; the owner of that foundation dressed up as a fictional story character in that particular day that I was a newly recruited lady from the Philippines; in which they visited these cancer stricken children ages 5 and up; beaming with the warmest smiles as they see them. In each swipe, it warms my heart and asked God and the universe the question, “Why?” You know that sensation, that feeling when you just feel that these kids are so young, so innocent, so pure with a lot of things going on and about to happen for them like their dreams becoming into a reality, enjoying life… and yet they are already battling something that for me shouldn’t be experienced by anyone in whatever age. It is truly life grounding to see. A picture worth a thousand of words and yet can only be expressed in ugly tears.


Last 2019, ROX Jewelry Shop gave me a birthday surprise treat. 30% to 50% discount in any item in the e- commerce website with my code upon checkout. The chosen charities I selected during that time were Red Cross and A Moment of Magic Foundation.


This year, this month, I made a fund raising activity in which anyone can give a little bit of something to give to Women for Women International on my personal Facebook account. Women for Women International is an organization wherein they support marginalized women to earn and save money; improve their health and well-being; influence the decisions in their home and community; and connect to networks to and for support. Women for Women International is not something new to me. As it is one of the foundations I support for and in collaboration with CAPITOLA Watches. CAPITOLA Watches are made from recycled metal in which in every purchase goes back to three main charitable organizations*. The other two to complete the trio are European Association for Cancer Research (in which I’m not that familiar with but upon research, they somehow touch my inner self as there are those who are dear to me who suffered and died and suffered and survived in this cancer ordeal in a very unpredictive manner) and World Wide Fund (in which, one of those big time bosses in my childhood that will never be forgotten and that I’ll always remember to look up to is the ex Vice President of this wonderful charity who happens to be one of those who molded me in how people should work, what kind of environment should be established and basically enjoy life’s little wonders; in which even before I discovered all these personal connections, back in my Elementary years in St. Benedict College Alabang (present school name: San Beda College Alabang), I always have been supporting them in my own little ways). You can ask me now, “San aabot ang P20. 00 mo?” In English translation, how far can your 20 peso bill get you? In the early years of 00s, I give it to WWF to even just purchase a small Christmas tree paper ornament. You see. I didn’t save a lot of money to go to concerts and be merry. My kind of merry back then were an almost monthly Candy Magazines purchases, my dreams of becoming an Actress and to support WWF. Come a little fast forward, I used my savings to study and fulfill my acting dreams in which I somehow have seesaw moments wherein I am happy to use it for my dreams in which I’m really joyful and grateful; but there are times that I wished I didn’t overdo it. But then if I didn’t I will not be the person I am; I will not have all these connections that made me grateful and positive; I will not be able to rise up again and touch people’s lives again with what’s left from a heartbroken, zero, beaten down, almost penny less Catherine. With all these connections and choices plus with the help from Jesus and my loving and ever supportive family, I will be able to find something; to look at the bright side of life and still manage to connect people and things. And with that, I am able to shake the barriers set by some close minded and scared individuals; in which I am somehow educating and breaking walls set by our own fears.


Speaking of which, I am not a fan of some too technical aspects. But in December of 2018, I happen to be employed in Energy Regulatory Commission on this specific day. I for one, loves to counter all of my doubts or someone else’s doubts, fears, dislikes and hates whenever possible. Now, I’m celebrating my anniversary in this too technical government agency in the Republic of the Philippines. Still learning in all of the ups and downs that correlates and corresponds to being with them; as in any given employment and relationship or that deals with life situations and people. Did I also mention I’m a signed Professional Model under XLNT Worldwide Management Group? I’m 5 feet tall and I go with my modeling tagline “Small but Terrible” and “Nothing is impossible. I’M POSSIBLE!”


Also, I’m the chosen representative for the Philippines for Miss Uniworld 2020 (see you in 2021; hopefully the world is somehow healed in all aspects) and in one other Bolivia based international beauty pageant (which will be later revealed). Other two international pageants also have chosen and invited me to be the representative for the Philippines (USA and Singapore). Yes. I may be petite/ small and at times quiet but don’t let that fool you. I come in with big dreams, determination and a grateful heart. I have won a lot of battles and I am not holding back to keep moving forward. I will always leave traces as I continue to live my 27 years of existence and as I hug and carry all of my scars and crosses.


December 18, 2020. 2020 thank you. To many more bounces.


*upon checking CAPITOLA Watches’ updated website, they no longer mention the recycled metals and the 3 charitable organizations that they collaborated with.



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