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When boredom strikes creativity takes over.

After sending her daughter to school,Zyra started preparing breakfast for her husband and her parent in laws, they were still asleep,so after preparing breakfast she prepared lunch as her husband and father-in-law took lunch to work.She was a kind of woman who dint like to drag her work and liked to finish it as soon as possible.she had woken up at 7:30 AM in the morning and by 8:00 she had sent her daughter to school and by 10:00 AM she had finished almost all the household chores including preparing breakfast,packing lunch,breakfast,cleaning the house,washing clothes in the machine and drying them out in clothes line,organzing the dried out laundry in wadrobes and those to be sent to ironman for ironing,cleaning up her daughters toys and almost everything else to be done byher had been over and still her parents in law and her husband were asleep.
So she crawled next to her husband and took out her kindle but started reading her husband ,he was snoring softly,though he snored loudly at nights his snores grew softer through mornings,the more tired he was the more loudly he snored,she looked at him admiringly and touched his face with her palm he stirred in his sleep,she looked at the man who loved her more than anything else in the world so much that he could do anything and everything in his might for her sake and smiled mischeiviously and brought her hands to his nose and pulled his nose,shrieking in his sleep he groaned as he woke up and looked irritatedly at his wife who had woken him up from his deep slumber.
“What is it why are troubling me” Ayaan asked her.
“i am feeling bored,i have finished all my work and i don’t have anything else to do for the whole day and you too will leave in sometime and i will become lonely and will be bored the whole day”
Zyra expressed and pouted.
He took her in his arms and kissed her lovingly on her forehead and took the kindle and waved at her “That is why i bought this for you”
“Yah but how much do you expect me to read books all day” Zyra cried.
“Hmmm,so what just relax the whole day ,sleep,eat and relax what else do you want ,you know right you are the queen of this house ,so many girls out there want to live your life and you are complaining about the same”
“I don’t know but i am bored and do something about it”
“Ok,lets see what can be done but for now i need to get out of bed and get ready to go to office”he said and got ready and left.
Later that evening when he returned he bought her a laptop and gave her a new name and asked her to start her dream career to become a writer.
That is how a caring husband and her boredom inspired her to become a best selling author.


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  1. Priyanka Godse February 11, 2020 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    Nice story, but ended up too early.


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