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Whether it’s an answer or question Broken remains broken. It cann’t be fixed unless.. Naah.. U just can’t fix it properly even if you tried your thousands time best still there’s something broken left and that broken have impact, a big impact on your soul, your inner peace, your mindset which can change your whole life. And now it can change your life for a better life or worse. It all depends on you.

Broken doesn’t always do bad or harm but sometimes it put aspects of improvement in front of us which we lack and led ourself to be broken. There’s nothing bad to feel or be ashamed of being broken. In fact most of the time we are not aware of the things and doings which led to ourself towards broken.

Sometimes that broken can led you towards the whole new you. Now that new can be a much better and a wise person who can affect others life for a good reason OR you can be in depression and hurt yourself and others for that reason of broken. You just tell me one thing that can you change the past? Can you go back in past and undo things which you have did intentionally/unintesntionally or the things that happens to you? No! You can’t just can’t. So why stressing over past? Why living in past when you know that you can’t do anything about past but you can do so much in present which can make your life beautiful again for better. I know it’s diffucult to leave past. I know you’re Broken. I know it sounds so much easy to leave past which holds on to so much memories and experiences. And there are many things which we just can’t let it go. But you have to be strong and let that past go, bad experiences, memories because if you don’t then you just can’t heal. I’ve seen many people, relationships, lifes all getting riuned just because they are broken and don’t want to giveup their past. So, let your past be as it is and don’t ever try to mix your past with present because it’ll only ruin your happiness and Present.

You’re broken it’s okay. We all are broken in many beautiful ways. But I just want you to take those broken pieces with you and start working on yourself on being a better person than you were before. We all do mistakes, we all have flaws and scars but it doesn’t mean we have to torture ourself for being broken. It’s not your fault, sometimes we just can’t do anything about what’s happening with us and all we can do is stay strong, have faith in ourself and God and let the things happen. Maybe something good is hiding in that broken? God have some plans for all of us and maybe that broken is a part of his plan.

It’s not an end of life
It’s the begining of a new chapter.

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