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A stream of awareness

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As I walked down the dusty long lane leading towards the banks of the serine river in the outskirts of our village, I pondered over the frailty of life, of how uncertain it is to endeavor the epitome of happiness [...]

Little Maddy

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A little boy who was born with much care and amidst some distress. The boy who brought smiles in the lives of others, a cherry pie, a munchkin, a cutie pie, he was looked after by everyone. With time, his [...]

Paint A Smile

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My friends were making plans for a weekend party and I was sitting there with my arms and legs crossed, trying to make up excuses in my mind. My best friend’s wedding was about to take place and I didn’t [...]


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Perhaps there are stars that shine the brightest just before they explode. She was a star whose light I have borrowed for the rest of my life. 6 months ago, one day, while eating a donut and binge watching Breaking [...]

जिंदगी… एक जिम्मेदारी।

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सक्षम, सुशिक्षित परिवार में जन्मी ‘प्रगति’, तीन बहन-भाइयों में सबसे छोटी थी। माँ बाप ने अच्छी परवरिश के साथ बच्चों को हर तरह से योग्य बनाया। भाई डॉक्टर बना, बड़ी बहन किसी कंपनी में विशेष ओहदे पर थीं व प्रगति [...]

Probably, I also became one…

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It is an extremely happy day for her. Aarvi's student shantibai's daughter Rashmi has become a Chartered Account with her name in the merit.As soon as Rashmi gave her the good news, her eyes got dewy. She told to herself [...]

My Best Friend

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Being a social butterfly was always cool and I was aspiring to be one, I still aspire to be one. During my school days I was an introvert, but then at the age of fourteen I wanted nothing but to [...]