Paint A Smile

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My friends were making plans for a weekend party and I was sitting there with my arms and legs crossed, trying to make up excuses in my mind. My best friend’s wedding was about to take place and I didn’t [...]


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Perhaps there are stars that shine the brightest just before they explode. She was a star whose light I have borrowed for the rest of my life. 6 months ago, one day, while eating a donut and binge watching Breaking [...]

My Best Friend

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Being a social butterfly was always cool and I was aspiring to be one, I still aspire to be one. During my school days I was an introvert, but then at the age of fourteen I wanted nothing but to [...]

An Unexpected Journey

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When I was around sixteen years old, I met Sindhu. She was just seven then, and her mother Renu, who worked as a maid at our house along with a handful of others in the neighborhood, left no stone unturned [...]

ज़मीन से फ़लक तक

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ज़मीन से फ़लक तक, एक गूँज सुनाई देती है। होंसलों की उड़ान की मन्ज़िल आसमाँ में दिखाई देती है। **************************************** लाखों की भीड़ और उसमें एक खामोशी थी, जैसे सिक्का भी गिरे तो आवाज़ आ जाये और फिर चारों तरफ [...]

Online. A Revenge Story

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This piece was originally submitted to Penmasters Administration Gawad Parangal Para Sa Mundo ng Literatura in which I got nominated as Most Promising Writer of 2019. But unfortunately, didn't win. This is my revenge story about one of my exes. [...]