//Change of course(heart)

Change of course(heart)

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“Don’t drink in the party. Do not sit on the tall fancy stools. Don’t wear heels. Don’t walk around much. Their flooring is too smooth…”

The never ending instructions of my mother in law was making me feel so precious. All of my in-laws were treating me like a princess. I was enjoying every moment of being in their attention. So much so that I even felt like staying pregnant for 365 days round the calendar.

“Drink only health drinks at the party.” My father-in-law told me.

“Okay Pa and Ma. Don’t worry. I will be back by evening.”

” You could have skipped this birthday party. But you won’t listen. It’s your best friend.”

“Yes Ma.” Just then, I got a call from the cab driver. “Okay. Leaving now.”


“Don’t stay there too long. It will be crowded. You may get infection.” Now it was my husband’s lecture time on the phone.

“Yes. Yes.” I barely paid attention to him as I watched the change of course in the google map that the driver was using.

“Excuse me! Why did you just changed the path to the location?” I confronted the driver.

“What happened?” My husband was yelling on the phone.

“Ma’am. That route is congested…” The driver stuttered.

“I can read maps. It’s a freeway. Just turn the vehicle around or I will call the police.”

“Ma’am, Please trust me. I am a well certified driver…”

“Change the path please.” I warned him.

Without arguing much the man took a U-turn and started using the same old path to the destination.

“What happened, Rashmi? Talk to me.” My husband was calling out on the phone.

“Nothing to worry. He just changed the course.” I saw the driver keeping his eyes strictly on the road ahead. As he slowly took the car through a small lane, there appeared a lady at his window banging the door of the driver. “He is not feeling well. We have to go to the doctor.” He ignored her and accelerated the car.

“I thought only at the signals these people used to harass.” I mumbled as I finally cut the call. Soon I saw the driver’s mobile in the dashboard ringing. I was shocked to see contact picture in the display which was of the same lady who banged on the driver’s door. The name the screen flashed was Revathy.

The driver, wiping his eyes cut the call. Immediately I understood everything.

“Turn the vehicle back.” I ordered.

“Why ma’am?”

“That was your wife right?”

Now the driver burst into tears and said, “That’s why I didn’t take this route ma’am. My 1 month son is unwell for the past one week. She daily keeps on asking me to take him to the hospital. But I need money for that. And I will get money only if I complete the rides.”

“That’s just so sad. I am so sorry. I misunderstood you. You please turn back the vehicle and take your son to the hospital. Drop me here. Don’t worry. Put the blame on me for your records. Just say that the passenger cancelled the trip half way. This way I will be blocked to use the cab service. There won’t be any problem for you.” I handed him some money.

It felt extremely good. Especially after catching the same distraught driver smiling at me as he passed by me while I waited for my next cab.

I looked at my tummy and shook my head. “Life is indeed weird.” I thought. “Different course of life for different people.”



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  1. Konami Fujiwara February 14, 2020 at 4:50 am - Reply

    Such a beautiful story. So deep and profound. Makes you think about how unfair life is for some people. Tearjerker❤


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