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Conventional failure: Unconventional acceptance

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“In universe there are million points which connects together to make a picture, which is then looked by more than million people with different perceptions”

Most of the times we try to work by traditional methods i.e. we seek solutions to problems. But what if I said, sometimes all we need is to accept and give room to the problem in order to make sense of everything around us.

Well there is a whole cluster of thoughts on the progress of motivational and inspirational genre. From entertainment source to reading material, one is being definitely exposed to this section of information. But have you given a thought; in spite of the fact that we have welcomed motivational aspect in our daily routines from music to movies to books, yet there are times in life we feel utterly depressed that all this stuff doesn’t make any sense?

The time when no one, I repeat No one can make you feel happy, when you find yourself in a dilemma as to whether the epicentre of your problem lies within you or somewhere in this complex world?

When there are multiple hits on google with solutions on how to pass your gloomy days, when even Google declares you a depressed soul with variation of symptoms. But I am not referring any extreme cases of neurological problems, but daily routinely problems which are small yet influence an individual to a greater extent.

Sonia a 25-year-old woman full of optimist potential. She looks every situation from many different angles. She treasured what we called a perfect combo of personal and professional amalgam. From understanding parents to loving boyfriend and to a stable career. However, then also every cell of her body was not feeling okay. She tried every damn solution, from reading to watching, to mediation and to talking. From vacations to makeover and also searching every google method to make herself happy. All this made her tired physically and mentally. Yes, as brain wanted answers and body wanted to fight at the same time for working to that extent that everything is fine. When you have perfect life, anyone can disagree with your discomfort. She didn’t have any answers to people questions. Then one fine Sunday morning, she wondered why am I seeking solutions. Practically, is it not okay to be sad and unhappy sometimes. No wonder all motivational stories are medium to make a person come out of their gloomy days. But what if those gloomy days are important in one’s life to shape a better future. All things are good till you believe them to be good, the moment you feel this is not well than that happy moment also turns out to sad. From relationships to life challenging situations it is one individual who makes a call to decide whether we wanted memories to be happy or to be sad. What is more important is the acceptance and, believe me than everything gets in picture. The moment she accepted the fact that yes, it’s okay to be sad, in spite having a perfect life, it made her feel so relaxed. It made her feel so motivated as after all its her life and no one else can take a call to dictate what, when and how to feel.

In a nutshell, what I am trying to convey is that acceptance is a necessary factor and it might enhance people’s strength and emotions and sometimes it’s okay not to be okay in order to discover the treasure inside ourselves.



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Pankita is a girl with dream in her eyes and strong believer of nature's existence in everyone's life. She too like all feels the essence of happiness and gloom of grief, but she celebrates them both as they are like passing clouds to the ever bright sun. She loves traveling, meeting new people and capturing moments through her lens. Also, she loves dancing and is trained classical dancer. By profession she is toxicologist and writing is her passion. She believes words speak more than anything in world and one can influence life of others through words.

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