//Creation – An inspiring story of life

Creation – An inspiring story of life

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Soar high into the sky.

Srijan’ means creation. Often, we find ourselves in the deepest abyss of life. We don’t know what to do, where to go, and how to come out of that mess. But always remember that light comes after darkness, day comes after night. Then again, we all know this, right? So, let me tell you something many of us haven’t noticed or forget to notice in our hectic life.

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

In our Hindu mythology, we have 33 crore deities. But among them, let’s talk about the most prominent three deities. GOD – Generator, Operator and Destructor, that’s how my maths teacher used to describe them. I haven’t forgotten this till date. Generator(Lord Brahma- in Hindu Mythology) creates life(Srijan). Operator(Lord Vishnu – in Hindu Mythology) operates the whole universe. Destructor(Lord Shiva – in Hindu Mythology) causes destruction. Here is the irony right? I mean, who the hell worships someone who destroys things? We do, and the main reason is due to the fact that destruction creates possibilities for new creation and that’s how the cycle goes on.

Broken and Depressed

Now, let me tell you all something which happened in real life. I was born and brought up in a middle class family and most of you know the struggle of it. Now, there was a time when I was in my college, and I was passing through the teenage rebellion period. Lots of things happened during that time, starting from bad results to financial crisis. I could say that was one of the worst time till date. I even had insomnia. This was the time when our family broke. My dad left my mom for some other woman. We were devastated. My mom was crying for days and she couldn’t believe her fate. She broke from within. I, myself, was broken. We did not have appetite for months. We did not have proper sleep for months. We had zero interest in other things. I had graduated by then but my career was at a standstill because I got a job far away from home and I couldn’t leave my mother in this state. So, I chose to leave my job and stay at home while trying to find some other job.

Let go of the past and embrace your life

I felt a sudden surge of strength from within me, because I knew that I had too support my mom too. So, I took upon consoling her. Those days taught me something which no other circumstances could. I became the pillar of support for my mom and myself. I used to encourage her to leave the negative thoughts behind and start her life in a different way. I encouraged her to do things which she couldn’t do. I encouraged her to follow her passion.

Follow your passion and dreams.

This encouragement helped me in more ways than one. I, myself, found this valuable lesson that life is too short to mull over the past. Be it bad breakup, be it some other bad things, one must move on from the past and do things which one likes.

For me, I started writing books, stories, thoughts, etc.. A lot of philosophy filled my mind. I started seeing life from a different angle. Whenever negativity came, I used to find some or the other positive things in those negative situations.

Now, let’s fast forward to a few more years, I have a job though it’s a bit boring, but I do it nevertheless, but what makes my life more interesting is the growing creativity. I tend to write mostly while travelling to and from the office. I write during the nights, I write whenever I am free. I like to share my creativity with people around me. Also, recently, my mom and I went on a trip and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, what I want to achieve by saying all this is, no matter how hard life is, no matter how deep we fall, our inner strength remains, and that is the motivating force to do something, to achieve something. Let go of the past, and accept the present. Live in your present. Do what you love. Follow your dreams, your passion. Maybe you are going through a regular day, a robotic life, make sure to do at least one thing that you really enjoy. That makes you complete.


Thank you to all the people reading this post. Hope this helps.

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