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Determination – Go with flow

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  1. PROMPT – A story is all about a girl who wants to complete her dreams without any clue or idea about Tomorrow.


Diya is self motivated and a simple girl and her parents are not rich enough to provide everything that she wants but always trying their best .
from 10th her relatives started searching a guy for her but she doesn’t want to get married. She knew how to stand for her life and find the right path for her and her family’s life.
After class 10th she already gave up on her dreams not because she doesn’t want to continue but she had no choice. In 9th class she left her dream of becoming an artist because that’s not possible for her to go to another place or leave her mom alone for taking classes, she gave up on her favourite stream after 10th class because for studying in that field also required lots of money.
but she never gave up on HOPE for BEST!

She gave her best in whatever she got and decided to focus on present rather than unchangeable past or blank future.
So she gave her best in whatever stream she got.
Fortunately she got admission in good collage with her favourite course , she was happy because she knew only Present can make a future.
But still she was worrying because she needs to do something that actually work out for her future . She didn’t have her dad’s support , Her only one dream was to make her mother happy and give her comfortable life.

somehow she completed graduation but that was not easy because she never had money for go to college daily so that was so depressing time for her whatever she needs to learn or understand in a practical way that was not possible.
after completing collage offcourse nothing left to do she still doesn’t have proper knowledge of that course.
but she has strong life force when she gave time to herself she found , she was singing self made songs or randomly anything after few months she relized she got one more hobby or talent unexpectedly , she can write poem ,songs or stories.

Afterh advice from her and knowing her view about life all started saying you should write your book.

and maybe for her motto “going with flow” will work out in future. Afterall she got something to do and also she started finding job base on what she can do in that situation. because its better to go with flow than giving up and doing nothing.

Diya will live her life without giving up on her dreams , because whatever her fate decided but if she is not ok with her situation or life she will not stop  , or change that situation. if things or the road not belongs to her still she is ready to change her way and methods.

because she believes in go with flow and after that still whatever she got she is happy with that.

END LINE – Sometimes we don’t get what we actually want but it doesn’t mean You will not get anything. its better to do something than losing yourself in past or what you don’t have.

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