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Don’t worry MOM is there….!

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Real incident….. which took place in a hospital….


And the story begins….It was a normal day with of enthusiasm and we human with same attitude.So for daily checkup we had to visit hospital we entered and receptionist sitting giving those looks…. Euhhh…never mind we got a place to sit.

It was a silent environment all early waiting for the doctor suddenly a mom and daughter enters and things changed. Both mom and daughter started a wierd conversation and mothers behaviour was funny for all all started talking and making jokes”I think this mother has some problem what kind of knowledge she’s giving her child ” and the talk’s continues….

The receptionist entered”Ma’am please go inside with your daughter its your turn and please get your reports along”     They went inside and that receptionist stayed and said with a carm voice”do you people know What’s going on here and how your judging this mother and her child her daughter met with an accident week ago and have this mental problems and mother is trying her best to get her happy child back “ with a sigh she went and all present there were very ashamed of what they had done and realized they were wrong .So everyday we get to learn something new lessons for our life and we should take it positively.And stop judging.


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