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Girish, a young college going boy of age 21 entered in slum house, based at sandurst road, Mumbai(girish was very pleased to see such a small house) he found one woman there and says,

“Savita ji Namaste”
“Namaste.” She, thinking in mind ‘who is he and how does he know my name’.

“Mein educate me foundation se aaya hun. Kya aapke bache school jate hai.”
“Nahi.” She in little dum voice
“Ghar pe kamaane vali sirf mein akeli hun shayad fee na bhar pau.”
“Aur aapke pati?”
“Woh kaam nahi karte.”
“Woh sab aap mujhse mat puchiye aur jaiye aap yahan se. ”
“Dekhiye agar aapko bura laga ho toh i am sorry, lekin aapko fee bharna hai hi nahi. Free mein education hoga aur dopahar ko khana bhi free milega. Aur ye sab milega aapko sarkar se, RIGHT TO EDUCATION ke act tahet. Hamaari educate me foundation un bacho ko school mein dakhla dilati hai jo fee afford nahi kar pate. ”
“Mere pati nahi maanewale aap jaiye yaha se.”

Girish came out from her house and got that she is helpless. He has decided to talk to his husband kishore, who is sitting on one of the stalls in his area.
Girish went to meet kishore at stalls.
“Namaste bhai.”
“Han bol.”
“Bhai mein educate me foundation se aaya hun, aap se thodi baat karni thi.”
“Haan bol na” Rudely.
“Bhai aap apne bacho ko school bhejiye unke aur aapke bhi bhavishya ka sawaal hai.”
“Tu kon hai be bolne wala chal nikal idhar se phir kabhi saamne nahi aana.” By pushing him.
Girish thinks in his mind it’s better if I talk to him another time and said to Kishore,
“Ok bhai.” And went from there.
Kishore to other people sitting with him,
“Mujhe sikhane chala hai.”

Girish did not loose hope and next day went to Kishore’s home again to meet savita.

“Savita ji aapse thoda baat karna hai.”
“Aap please jaiye yahan se.”
“Are kyun aap dono bacho ki zindagi kharab kar rahe ho, ek station pe paper bechta toh dusra popcorn, unko toh samaj nahi aata, Lekin kya aapko bhi nahi dikhta.”
Meanwhile while Kishore came to his house, after seeing girish in his house he got angry and started beating him. Kishore beated girish badly and then kicked him out of his house.
Girish got hurt badly both physically and mentally. Girish went to home in night at around 9.30pm after taking a medical treatment.
After learning all about the incident, girish’s father explained him that, he has to make them understand, how education is important in their life just by telling they won’t get the point.
Girish listened to his father and went to sleep.

Next day, when kishore was with his two sons, watching few poor villagers performing on street. One young boy came in their way and slapped on kishore son’s head and says,
“Abe sarak na raste pe kyun khada hai.”
“Abe bache ko kyun maara be. “Kishore told in anger.
“Raste ke bich kyun khada hai garden hai kya.”
And they both started fighting with each other, Within few minutes one police constable came there, stopped them from fighting and taken both of them to police station.
When they went to police station, kishore and his sons asked to sit down, where as the young boy named vaibhav, who was standing is been asked to sit on the chair in front of the inspector.
Kishore was thinking why there is such discrimination, what is difference between him and us.
After few minutes and by giving warning, vaibhav is been asked to leave, Kishore started shouting from his place.
“Are usko chod diya hume kyun nahi, shuruaat usne ki thi jhagde ki, ye bhedbhaav kyun”.
“Abe chup karke baitha reh kone mein woh ek sharif ghar ka padha likha ladka hai tere aur tere bacho jaise sadak chap nahi hai.” Police constable gives him the answer.
“Sahab padhe likhe nahi toh kya hua hum bhi insaan hai.”
“Chup kar ke baitha reh nahi toh dunga laga ke ek.” Constable shouts at him.
Kishore had no option to sit in the corner.
While sitting, he sees that how poor and uneducated people are treated in this police station Or by the society, he looked at his kids they were so innocent they are not getting what is happening here, why their father is fighting.
Kishore now remembered girish, who came to him asking for his kids should go to school. How he treated and beated him. Now he is treated just like girish.
After three hours of sitting in one corner and looking all what is going there, suddenly he saw girish there talking to inspector about one case. Kishore got emotional after seeing girish, he went and started crying in front of kishore. “Sahab hume maaf kardo, aap sahi keh reh the shiksha bahot jaroori hai nahi toh hamari koi aukaat nahi hai.”
Girish pulled up smoothly by saying,
“Are Kishore bhai, kya hua roiye mat, aap aur bache yahan kaise.”
Kishore told him whole story. Girish talked with inspector by saying
“I know these people please leave them.”
After few conversations between inspector and girish, inspector allowed to leave them.When they came out Kishore pleads to girish.
“Sahab aap humare bacho ko bhi school mein dakhla dila dijiye. Ab mujhe aise zindagi nahi jeeni, naahi bacho ko aise zindagi doonga.”
“Bilkul bilkul” with smile on his face, because he was successful to make him understand.
He went inside police station and thanked to inspector Kashyap and constable parvat singh for supporting, as it was planned by girish to make him understand. Also thanked the young boy Vaibhav who was part of this plan.

Vidyalay hun mein
Har vidhyarthi mere liye ek samaan,
Vidyalay hun mein,
vidhyarthi hi meri gyan,
Kahi suna maine, koi masum amir toh koi masum garib hai,
Koi nanha umang hai toh koi nanha apang hai,
Meri duniya mein sab bache ek hai ,
Vidyalay hun mein,
Shiksha har bache ka haq hai .

Kitaab hun mein,
Har panna mere liye ek samaan,
Kitaab hun mein,
Kalam se hi hai meri gyan,
Kabhi amiro ke haathon mein kabhi garibo ke haathon mein.
Kabhi mujhe koi sirf door se dekhta toh kabhi koi utha ke phek deta.
Iss duniya mein sabko mera hakk hai,
Kitab hun mein,
Padhna har bache ka hakk hai.

Mana ke tu garib hai par soch shiksha ki rakh,
Vidyalay hai sabka iss par tera bhi haq,
Shikshit hoga agar Tu toh hoga maan samaan,
Karega tu hi iss vishwa ka kalyan,
Tu padhna chahe tere liye raaste banaye hai,
Tu udna chahe tere liye pankh banaye hai.
Sarkar hun mein,
Vidyalay har bache ka hakk hai.


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