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Falling apart : was never an option

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There was a girl, who lived in a small town with her grandmother and her dad. Her dad never liked her as she resembled her mom to him. One fine day, he declared “I’m done with all these responsibilities and shit, it’s time for you to start making and bear your own expenditures. Stop sucking my blood now!!”. She was stunned. She couldn’t understand the reason behind this; she was merely a 15years old girl then who never stopped loving her dad till and her dad was a Gov. Emp. who used to earn 20K a month and was well settled.
The journey of the girl from a 15 years old child to a 24 years old young lady is an untold story. Let’s unfold the pages and see what happened!
The girl stepped out from her house for the first time and started earning at the age of 15+; at the same time she had the fire inside to prove herself to the everyone. She used go to school @8am and return @1pm. For having no time in hand, she used to skip her lunch and go to office then and returned @10pm. Her grandma on the other hand, used to wait for her at dinner table and used to be stressed for her little princess whom she loved a lot. In a few months she completed her schooling and was now preparing for College. However, her dad was still not looking back to her and didn’t utter a single word to appreciate her hard work or about helping her for further studies now, when she has already proved herself.
Her grandma passed by, she had no one with her by then. The society used to say several things about her, “she’s such a undisciplined girl, comes late night and goes early morning. God knows what she does outside and what is she upro. This is what happens when you don’t have a guardian”. She used listen to all these comments every now and then; at times she smiled at her fortune and sometimes it used to break her inside out. Her tears were only seen by the pillows, her sorrow was only heard by the walls of her bathroom, her struggle was only known by her empty stomach, her survival was only known by her brain that stopped her to commit suicide whenever she thought it was the easiest option than fighting alone in this world without any support; yet the society claimed to know it all about her and tagged her as a slurt.
After all this hardship, today she has successfully made the society call her as a fighter. She worked in the best MNCs where people never gets a chance in their lifetime, left it and joined another renowned one and cracks every interview that she gives. She is a confident, fearless and a honorable woman now. The society now talks about her struggle and says : “she is such a hard working girl, if anyone else would have been in her place they’d have fallen apart, but she stood up strong… She is a real fighter. I wish I had a daughter like her”.
Her dad says to his colleagues : ” I’m so proud of her, she stood upto my expectations and now she is rich enough to pay off my loans that I took for her studies”. She laughs at times by listening to these but, at the same time she feels great about herself. After all, it’s her dad. Although the loans and a the reason behind it had no link with her, she still decides to pay off and give her dad a good life.
Her name is “a fighter” – chandrani das


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