//Farewell Night: Beginning of a new Journey.

Farewell Night: Beginning of a new Journey.

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“And the award for best outgoing student goes to…..

A heart winning singer who mesmerizes the audience with his magical voice. ‘Jugalbandi’ between his fingers and the strings of guitar creates magical atmosphere.  He is not only a great singer but also an impeccable orator. A guy who scored not less than a distinction in each semester.

Yes…You have guessed it correctly”

Rahul Patil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A short guy having curly messed up hair stood up, aligning his square framed spectacles he started walking towards the stage. The entire auditorium witnessed a thunderous round of applause. Everyone present in the hall chanted his name. With eyes discharging droplets of tears, Rahul accepted the memento. An incredibly amazing orator could not speak anything apart from Thank you. No one could understand what has happened to Rahul.

 Before anyone could utter a word, DJ kick started the party. Entire auditorium started moving towards the dance floor. Atmosphere was electrified within minutes. Releasing the pressure that was built due to four years of hustle, everyone was dancing crazily. Standing in a corner, Rahul was lost in his thoughts. High decibel music was bombarding his ear drums, yet there was a stunned silence inside his mind. Amidst all this, his friends dragged him onto the dance floor. Overcoming inertia of his thoughts, he started dancing. He tried to act normal.

After hours of relentless dancing, party concluded. It marked the completion of an era. Engineering concluded..No more assignments..No more Practicals…No more Vivas.

 “Let’s go guys”, said one of his friend.

 “Good bye everyone”, said Rahul..

Extremely tired due to continuous dancing, no one noticed his strange behavior.

   Riding on the empty streets of Mumbai, random thoughts started colliding inside his mind. He started talking to himself.

‘I have been awarded the best outgoing student award, but why am I not feeling happy? Why am I feeling numb?

I’ll be getting a degree in mechanical engineering….

I’ll be an engineer…

Do I really enjoy mechanical engineering?’

An inner voice came from the core of his heart…

‘No!!!! You are an exceptionally talented musician. You have rocked each and every inter college cultural event. You are blessed with a magical voice.

OH God!!!!! Why am I talking to myself??? What is this happening to me? Am I going crazy?

Wait….I am a great singer, Yes I am!!! Music is the only thing that I enjoy wholeheartedly. It makes me feel positive and it energizes me. Then, why didn’t I take this seriously? Is my talent restricted to only inter college cultural events?’

Amidst all these thoughts, he noticed a huge banner which depicted pictures of YouTube stars in India. It was a promotional banner of YouTube fan fest.

‘These are the people who followed their passion. See..where they are!!

I should have also started my YouTube channel long back. Btw, I can start it now..

But then what after that? I don’t have any plan…

What if, for the next one year I take music seriously?

What if, for the next one year I work my ass off?

What if, for the next one year I submerge myself into the world of music?’

Positive vibes started oscillating between his brain and heart. He started feeling better. There was a surge in the level of energy and excitement.

Within minutes, the entire plan was constructed in his mind.

‘I will dedicate this entire year to music..

I will start my YouTube channel..I will create musical videos..

I will practice as much as I can..

To satisfy my financial needs, I’ll join an orchestra,I’ll sing in marriages

and parties, I’ll sing in Hotels and cafes..

I’ll give as many auditions as I can..

I’ll live for my passion..

Yes I can do this….

But, what if I fail? What will society think about me?’

Again an inner voice came from the core of his heart…

‘Don’t care about the society, as long as your parents support you.

Go out and fight..

Resonate your stern tenacity with scintillating talent. You will create wonders’

A lightening of positive energy penetrated through his entire body.

Riding on an empty road, he started singing…..

And started the Journey of his dreams…….


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