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First love and whole life lesson

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A boy saw a girl in college dress in a auto and fall in love with her while he was going for his studies in the same town she lives . He tried to forgot her for few weeks but his eagerness was growing day by day. So he decided to wait at the same place where he saw her. After a month he saw her . He move to approach her but he stopped and he himself don’t know why. He was just staring at her . And she faded again as a memory . Then after two weeks he saw her again, she was getting out of a e rickshaw. He approached to her but suddenly he saw that she was also coming to him. So he started looking around. She came to him and said “Hi
Hi” , He replied
why you are following me from last few months“.she asked

He was silent for some time.

She asked ,” will you say anything”.
Then he explained her beauty, at that time his emotion was just to make her own , he just didn’t want to lose her. He wanted to say everything that how he went crazy when he saw her first time, how much he tried to forgot her but she always appeared like a ghost in his mind.After listening to him
She asked ,” What’s your father do
He is an LIC agent“, He replied
And what you do” She asked
I am a student“He replied
So what you are preparing for“She asked,
I am a NEET aspirant”He replied
How much money you have right now” She asked
450 rupee “He answered
do you know a price of a Cadbury chocolate“, She asked
He didn’t answered
it’s 70 ruppe and if you gift me one then what will you do whole month “She said
He was silently listening to her
And what will you do with your studies , obviously you will call me , talk for hours dream all the time then you fail the exam and then what will happen to your parents what will they think “She said aggressively

Then she sighs
She explained ” you know condition of middle class family and my mother will not agree for all these situation,as she is in tough situation since my father died. I love you too but I don’t love you” then she stopped
I am sorry, I don’t know about these things” he said
Then Something she wrote on a page and hand over to him and said ,” one day when you will complete your studies you can call me on this number. And if you will called before then I’ll block your number. Then she said bye and give waved and started to move towards her home. He said nothing.
He went at his room and think for whole night and in the morning he called her and said ,”I want to meet you at the same place at same time “
She answered ,”okay
He reached there 5 minutes earlier and he saw that she is waiting for him.
you are here before the time“He asked
hmm, but why you have called me and I have told you that I will block your number if you called before the studies“She said
ok, you do block my number but I have something for you“He told
And he reached for pocket and he had a Cadbury chocolate in his pocket he give chocolate to her and said “thanks
She didn’t understand anything and asked”why
He just answered ” Wait for me”

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    Very nice story. I loved it

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