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Who is a Girl?
What does it take to be a Girl?
Why it has become difficult for that girl to survive in this world.?
What is the reason that the Girl which brings life has to suffer the most?
So here’s a little story about a girl child.
My mother was really happy when she got the news that she is going to deliver a baby and I was also excited.
One day my mom was not well so she decided to visit the doctor, and to our surprise, the doctor asked her to abort the baby.
She was shocked and was in tears, she asked the doctor what is the reason for abortion, the doctor
replied that she can’t give birth right now and she has to abort the child.
My mother was shattered and I was in fear of whether I am going to survive or die.
But then when my mom was in the operation theatre and she heard my grandma saying that we don’t need a girl child we need a son.
The child will be a burden to our family and the girl will soon leave home and who will take care of them.
My mother was totally drained and then she called my father.
My father asked her to do the as his mother says, he was helpless.
My mother’s whole world was broken, And she decided to leave home her family and her Husband.
She ran away from the hospital shifted to another country
And then I came to this world. And my father called her again and again to apologize but she didn’t care now And she asked her to stay separate and if my father can’t support her child, he doesn’t deserve my mother as well
My mother was proud to have me and she had her head high.
My mother was highly educated and she decided to give me everything which I need.
I started growing and soon my mother adopted a baby girl , my sister.
We had a perfect family! My mother, me and my sister.
But we often used to think that my mother needs someone to accept us and also acts as a support for us.
Because it’s not easy to survive and when we will get married who is going to be with her.
We were in touch with our father and use to talk to him and meet him on a Monthly basis but mum didn’t know abt it, She was really upset with our father
My mother didn’t want to accept her husband and she refused us to patch up again with father
But then after so many efforts, my parents started living together.
At of 15 and 16, we again made our mother get married to the first love of her life.
Despite many difficulties, we are now happy together and living a wonderful life.
Today I am an IAS officer and My sister is a social activist who deals with women related issues like female foeticide, rape, sexual harassment, dowry problems
And Our mother runs an orphanage for girls.
We lived, we survived, we struggled.
It’s because of my mother we are here and We make a difference in life and we help people, we are kind.
My mother is a warrior, she fought and she won.
We create stories, we act as a source of inspiration for people and We are respected and accepted by the family.
It is the struggle and pain which made us the way we are and we are
Proud of ourselves.
To all the girls out there I just want to say Be brave and kind enough to help others, And never feel that you are alone fighting, we are all with you
To support you and help you.
Be your own hero like your Mother.
Live your life on your condition, Take charge of yourself. You are special, remember that.
You are dad’s princess, mother’s support, brother favorite sister.
Just Be Yourself and love yourself the way you are
You are beautiful to remember that.
Be a Queen and create your own Empire And Rule.


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