Goals and YOU

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“Were they born smart? I’m sure they must be from a good background.” Does that actually matter? Does anything in this world matter? If only I could be as bold and charming as that person is, if only I could look like that person, or speak like them, or just be as rich as them, maybe that would solve my problem.”

We oftentimes so desperately want to become like a person we see in front of us, and try to be like them only because they are good or successful at what they are doing now.

We all have certain things (goals) that we want to accomplish but we aren’t sure of the steps that need to be taken to achieve them.

The initiation of any goal is very important; you are a new born baby for any goal you decide, hence you cannot just start running. There are steps that you need to follow, in order to start running. You take a step or say a word and that’s how you progress ahead, and in few years you start to run.

For any goal that we have in our life, it’s very important to follow the same procedure. If we start running in the shoe size 9 while we are just size 6 at the moment, we will fall and hurt ourselves. On the other hand, if we let ourselves grow into those shoes by walking, and then jogging and finally running over a period of time, when our shoes actually fit us, we are bound to reach the finish line.

Everyone thinks of how happy their life would’ve been had they achieved what someone else has, but always forgets the steps that need to be taken to reach that goal.
That’s where your goal starts to fade.

Once you reach your goal, you realise that the journey was much more beautiful than the goal itself.
“Why is it beautiful,” you ask?
It’s only because you were working for yourself and your goal; your goals might change on the way, but what remains constant is YOU.


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