//God’s little miracle

God’s little miracle

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Amy a little child  born to die at the hands of man but destined to live by the hands of God.                                              One night darkness settled into corners and crevices beyond  the moon’s touch suddenly the security guard at the  factory was starled by a weak but consistent wail coming from the back of the factory. The security being curious and concerned, he picked up a torch and walked towards  sound .On reaching  the place where he thought he had actually heard the piteous cry  he stopped and looked all around  and to this disgruntled he could see nothing,the cry also stopped.     The security thought his ears must have played a trick on him so he walked back.  On returning he heard the cry again ,he realized that this is definitely a sound  of something  in pain. Every thing looked still and plain except for a small mound of earth a few meters away. He walked towards it and to his sorrow, he saw the head of a new born baby peeping out.                                                            The baby was buried with no soul of pitiness for her . The baby’s eyes were closed but suddenly it let out a piteous wail ,shocked into immobility the guard stood there and found lost himself lost because he was helpless with the situation. Suddenly the baby stopped crying the ensuing  stillness   galvanized the man into action and he began scraping away the mud with his bare hands.                                                                   The baby girl had been buried just because she was a girl child .Is this the mistake of her ?Do a girl child don’t  even deserve to see the world  ?                  Only boy’s  dont run the world even girls do!                                                                  Soon the guard had uncovered the body of a new born baby girl .Holding her in his arms he went to the  nearest doctor he could find in the village .On examining her the doctor told the man that the baby had buried just before and was on the verge of death. Moved to tears, the old man requested the doctor to treat  the child though he did not had much , just to feed himself  but he spared all that he had for a child who didn’t meant anything to him .                              The baby girl  had survived due to the prompt medical care .On those  little days the man the man became much attached to the baby. He considerd her God’s little miracle .For five  years the man looked  after her and brought up as her own daughter .

After years his health  was wearing  him down .He became sick frequently and felt that he could not look after a child, he was worried about her future and who would look after her after he died.                       It was when he was engulfed with  worry when he heard about  the Michael Job center , a home for orphanages with   proper shelter ,food and good education .Amy’s entire  life was spent with friends she made ,now that she has been grown up , she had reached college and she is considered as the intellectual  girl among all . She was named after the famous woman missionaries who setup the largest orphange for girls in Dhornavur in Tamil Nadu.


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