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He came like a lighthouse in my sea of darkness.

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Melodious verses of Gurbani and mother reciting the same as a protocol during ‘Prakash”. It was a usual day, the scrumptious paranthas and finger-licking Aloo gobhi being packed by her mom. Tara was ready for her school.No, she wasn’t a student but a teacher. , her enigmatic smile and nightingale like voice and outstanding knowledge of her subject content made her famous amongst her students. She was bubbly, confident and smart girl but there was a pain behind her smile i.e. she was diabetic.

She has concealed her pain with a blush of happiness and tint of positivity for others. Like every other girl she too wanted to marry but at her own conditions the way she was. Every time a marriage proposal came, it was rejected because of her so-called disease. Our society till date is blindfolded with old taboos of not bringing a diseased bride home no matter if their sons are ill-fitted for the same.

Tara decided not to beat the bacon of her wedding and to serve her parents and school throughout her life, but every time she saw couples, the butterflies inside started fluttering. She had clearly said no to cupids.

One day in a family function she came across a handsome guy, they kind of exchange look. But knowing the conclusion she didn’t let her heart fall in love with that boy with blue eyes. Every night afterward she started dreaming of that boy, that prince of her dreams. Unknowingly, she was diving in the ocean of love. The cupids have already attacked her with arrows of romance and the love songs started playing in the background. She didn’t disclose her feelings to anybody in the family as she was afraid of rejection.

One day, her maternal aunt approached her, as she was concerned about Tara.  Innocent Tara spoke her heart out. Aunt motivated her that one should not give up because of disease or any other disability lest one should set examples for others to kick forward and achieve the goal. Also, she told her that love is unconditional and it accepts you the way you are. Tara felt a wave of positive energy and she started motivating others. She opened an awareness camp and started counseling the gloomy and sad youngsters. She was changing the story of her students unaware of the pandora box, which her friend Mr. GOD had already chosen for her.Kabiir was amazed and attracted towards her hard work and helpful nature was captivating. He too felt the love oozing out of his veins for Tara.

Miracles do happen. Yes, exactly after a month she received a text from the same blue-eyed guy, whom she was in love stealthily. She could not believe her eyes.  Days passed and their conversation resulted in many families get to gathers.

Beautiful page of her story was yet to be opened. It is said’they are not said to be husband and wife who merely sit together .rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul and two bodies.”(Guru Amardas Ji , Pauri, pg 788).

They are a happy couple now, “I will eat your piece of cake, you don’t worry sweetheart” won her heart and soul. Kabiir and Tara both are cherishing their wonderful voyage of married life. Tara felt butterflies in her stomach every time she saw kabiir standing with her, she thanked God with a deep sigh ‘he came like a lighthouse in my sea of darkness and gave a mesmerizing boat to my wandering spirit’.




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    Very inspiring love story… Good work!!


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