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It’s hurting
What is?
It’s hurting to listen you being in pain
The way you have been in it
The way you’ve owned it
And the way you carry it
It’s hurting
Don’t hurt yourself, or else I’ll have to heal you
Why is that now?
Because I cannot heal myself, and the inability to do so makes me heal everybody that comes in my journey
God, i can’t hear you talk about it
So I sit here in my rocking chair healing everybody I meet, giving a part of my life, my positivity and my heart to them waiting for the one person who could not heal himself so he healed me and I’d heal him back.
That’s what it is called,
Healing and loving
Because people often cannot heal themselves, when the wound is too deep to scrape it off, when the band aids cannot stop the bleeding when the love, unfulfilling and non healing love cannot stop the tears and the pains and the aches, someone comes along and sees you like their responsibility to heal, someone who could talk you through your entire day, someone who could make you speak about yourself, your past, your story without making your eyes brimmed with tears and leaving you with a hand on your chest because the pain is too strong to be just internal and it shows on the external part too, someone who could tuck your demons to sleep and wake up your angels because you couldn’t do that for yourself, someone who feeds you with healthy, healing and helping love and someone who holds your hand every once in a while and tells you
“We will heal together”
Prishita Kalra
/let’s heal/


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