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Heart an answer to life

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What is fear? I heard somewhere in my head
I answered to myself, a feeling that’s born on the thought of losing.
What if she left me?
That’s what I feared the most
In fact, that’s the only thing I feared
Not just because I’d be lonely
It’s because I’d have no one that understands me
No one that will care for me
I’d be surrounded by fake people, those people who greet you when they need something.
I will not know how to feel again?
And most importantly I’d lose the most beautiful and real person on this planet
What else can you live for if it’s not for that sort of person,
Being heartless..is the end
Is that the limit a person can reach without dying
After being broken?
Depressing? Nah. loneliness? Nah. anxiety? nope.
It’s something that wasn’t given a name
It’s a weird feeling that gives meaning to all yet nothing
It’s the feeling of not having a heart.
Welcome..! to my life. my name… is Sam
My life’s really weird because I was born that way.

The journey of growth isn’t in size or age
It’s growing in mind and the capacity of how much a mind can take in, I learnt that at a young age, my family started fragmenting slowly when I was at an age where the family is needed the most.
In an age where kids were supposed to enjoy time with each other there was betrayal among themselves, sounds funny right? Well, the truth is, funny sometimes. Because it’s unbelievable
And life continues to show people the unbelievable.

For about 8 to 9 years there was suffering and loneliness, hope died along the way so did my heart I couldn’t feel a thing that was the end
Tears forgot my name. Sadness became a presence, the smile left the face, seriousness found a new home. Along the way, I taught myself how the world works, and finally, it was my turn to fake. I started wearing countless masks, faking a million smiles and laughs, even faked tears, it was like my feelings were exchanged for great power, that’s when I knew that pain teaches the word change. As a lonely person I had 1 choice that was to get online and search a way to be human again, it was torture inside to not feel. My mind knew that it was faking feelings for everything. Nature, the animals knew what this poor boy was going through.
I .. Sam helped numerous people to get rid of sorrow from their lives. How’d I do it? Not everyone can do that unless they know the word ‘ simulation ‘ emotions aren’t chemical reactions
They are external connections to a person causing internal evolution. Every time you feel you evolve. How do I know this? It’s common sense to know that a man knows the value of the things he doesn’t have. and then… One day my sorrow disappeared. A voice that spoke a nostalgic accent, those bright real eyes, everything I knew. Everything I couldn’t feel Started making a way where there was no heart Before I knew it, I felt love for the first time…
My face built a smile. Seriousness doubled
A joy that I never felt. I was human again
I could feel I could talk, I was no longer *empty. Thanks to that only real person I’m human again.
But the real quest in my life was to begin the journey of love. Love is pure in its own way.
But it also has to make its way into society
And the rest is a choice, the choice is to weather
Make your love survive or make it live, for humans it’s very ordinary to feel. It wasn’t ordinary for me to feel. When all is in its place and it’s real we find true love. All the experiences and arts I’ve ever taught myself were nothing before such a great feeling. I’m not a person who would usually talk this way but I feel now and I can express. And eventually when I finally felt something so real in a world of fake. Tears called my name. Tears were singing my name Because they had forgotten that I existed. A man grew up strong and powerful. Is a man who couldn’t feel. Once such a man feels he shall be invincible. My life made me experience values of things that I didn’t have. Once I had learnt to value them. Life gave me what I needed and valued the most. A real person that’s what I valued the most and that was also what I required the most. My experiences caused me to snap out from the world of fear. Since I loved a person from. The world of fear I had been scared of 1 thing what if I lose her?. All my experiences would make no sense. All the definitions of love I’ve ever heard were all true. And the difference was people experienced 1 aspect of love because they were attracted to the wrong person.
I was experiencing every aspect of love that ever existed because it wasn’t attraction it was love itself. People learn to love imperfections because they lack the patience to wait for perfection. As I grow up the bond grew stronger & stronger love increased faster and never decreased. Our lives are amazing together.
I understood that first comes sorrow, reality, then life.its a principle of our lives
Then we both understood it was not love that we found
It was the perfected form of life that we discovered.
We lived happily. Because we discovered the truth of life. Or what some would say the meaning of life.

The end


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