//His story

His story

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Me : Tell me something about your love story!!

Lover: Next month it’s our two year anniversary(officially ). But unofficially, I don’t know. Our love is like an iceberg, a lot part of it was deep in my heart for several years.

We shared the same locality during festivals (laughs) , rather bengali’s biggest festival, Durga puja. My uncle’s locality and her locality were the same.

I knew every time I go there something will happen. Every year I enjoyed that time a lot. Playing with her, spending time with her, Most importantly seeing her.

One year I decided this is it, now or never. I will propose her. The day was perfect, I was ready. While playing hide and seek I proposed her. She said nothing just smiled . That smile killed me, but I didn’t receive my answer.

Few days later when , last day of durga puja. By that time I lost all my hopes. We were standing side by the side in front  of the big lake.I could see our reflection in the lake. Idol of goddess Durga was going to be immersed in water. She was going back to her own land. Even my hopes were leaving me.Everyone except me was enjoying that time,firing crackers. The floor of sky was glowing with bursting lights. But nothing made me happy.

Suddenly out of nowhere I felt a touch on my hand. I thought it might be the small boy standing in front of me trying to hold my hand. No I was wrong, it was her hand, Yesss it was her (excited). I got my answer. I looked at her,she was smiling the same smile that killed me. I felt everything was different, suddenly everything was happening for me. Now everything was making me happy.

Now we are together, we fight, we quarrel, we misunderstand each other. The silver lining is at the end of the everything gets sorted out between us. As we love each other more than we can imagine. She was in my not in my life for several years, but she was always my life. Now it’s hard to imagine a life without each other. I am very lucky and proud of myself, cuz I have her in my life, my sweetie(smiles)

Me : Delightful,you made my day.Be happy and  happy two years anniversary in advance!!

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