I believe in YOU

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  1. ‘Mummaaaa!!!’ she screamed at the top of her voice. ‘where’s my white top?’ she continued.
    ‘It’s not ironed;wear something else.’ her mom said.
    ‘Urghh’ she frowned.
    When she was all ready to leave her mom stopped her and strictly commanded her to have the parantha which was intentionally topped with extra ghee.
    ‘Mumma! I told you not to add so much ghee ;you never listen to me!’ she complained.
    ‘It’s necessary, eat!’ came the reply. The day had started the same way it did usually. Raavi and her mother Riddhima were like any other ordinary mother-daughter duo but at the same time they weren’t like any other mother-daughter duo. That’s how they really were. Riddhima and Raavi did everything “Raa-ima” style. Together they were unbreakable, unstoppable and even stronger than the H2 O bond.
    Raavi was a millennial and was pursuing law .She was working as an intern at the C&M which was a reputed law firm. On the other hand Riddhima ran her own boutique where she was a fashion designer.
    It was a Friday where Raavi was just surviving the day ,Riddhima though occupied in her work was quite energetic. Amidst all the work Riddhima’s phone rang abruptly. It was from Raavi’s buaji. She had called Riddhima back at home in urgency. Back at home a disgusted buaji waited with her bloodshot eyes for Riddhima’s advent. As soon as poor Riddhima arrived she was fired up with dozen questions ‘Do you have any sense?’ ‘ Does the family reputation mean anything to you?’ ‘ Are you aware of what your daughters are upto ?’ ‘You are a mother of two young girls Riddhi , be vigilant!’ .
    ‘But what happened Didi?’ Riddhima enquired mustering up all her courage.
    Buaji told Riddhima of Prisha getting out of their hands as she had supposedly drunk. Buaji blamed solely Riddhima for it as she thought had she been a housewife both Raavi and Prisha would have got a better upbringing.
    Later that night when Raavi and Riddhima were together alone Riddhima asked ,’Should I shut down my boutique?’ ‘ Did I brought you and Prisha well?’
    Raavi who was disgusted hearing those words said,’ Mumma, are you alright? …..what are you saying. Had it been we weren’t brought up well I wouldn’t be doing this great maa, Prisha wouldn’t have made it to her dream school! ….and Prisha hadn’t drink !!!’
    ‘Even I know she didn’t,but I think had I been a housewife I would have taken care of you much better.’said Riddhima in a low tone while she left the room.
    It had been a fortnight since that buaji episode had taken place. Raavi was called out by the directors and when she came back she had an offer letter in her hand. Yes, Raavi had made it! She was on cloud nine by then, but suddenly a thought struck her . The thought was had it been her mother wasn’t supportive of her job she would’ve been a mother to a child or two by now. A deep sense of realization occupied her mind. She had a strong urge to talk to her mother and that she did .
    ‘Maa , you know I really look up to you. You’ve always been a role model for me . So don’t let me down maa , don’t let your dreams die an unnatural death .It’s time you be the woman you’ve always dreamt of. And don’t worry about me and Prisha we’ll be fine, believe me!’
    ‘I do believe you beta’
    ‘So do I maa. I believe in you. I know you dreamt of being a doctor at the first place but you had to give it up just because nanu wanted you to get married. You’ve had enough maa , it’s high time now. You should live your dreams.’
    That day Raavi’s words didn’t fell into deaf ears. Riddhima was forced to think about what Raavi had said. She was moved.
    It’s been 4 years since Riddhima had decided to give her dreams a possible chance. She now has her own fashion emporium called “Raaima”. She’s still learning to live her life on her own terms.
    ‘I didn’t know you were this strong and smart Raavi . I owe my dreams to you! ‘ Riddhima said caressing Raavi’s face affectionately.
    Mom a great author had once said “The more a daughter knows the details of her mother’s life, the stronger the daughter ‘ said Raavi with a wide grin.


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Konika is a student. Started writing to relieve stress and pen down her emotions. She survived a fatal disease in 2018 which changed her perspective towards life and inspired her to write. She believes she's now on a path to her better self!

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