I Can’t

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The kid ,8 years old  cuteness running around the house  searching for something.Its  8 0 clock ,time for school  but he seems  not bothered about it.His mother stopped him and told him to get ready for school.he tells  her that he needs some time and continues his search  throwing things here and there .After 10 minutes he came to his mother requesting  her that he will not go to school.Upon questioning about reason behind such request,he tells that his stomach is aching.His mother coax him  to tell the truth then he tells her that he lost his  project book which he has done last week and his teacher is going to punish him.His mother smiles and tells him that he  should not run away from situations and advice him to confess his problem with his teacher. The boy does not like the idea and request his mother to not to send him to school but when his mother doesn’t oblige.He cries telling he cannot go to school and run off screaming “i can’t”.

The boy,19 years old aggression .He is breaking things in his room while his friends are trying to pacify him.Finally he falls down in a corner and cries uncontrollably hugging his friend  and asking why she did this to him ,whats his  fault.Though his friends tries to reason with him,he doesn’t listen and picks up the piece of broken glass and tells that he can’t live without her.when his friends tries to snatch the glass piece from the boy,he shouts”i can’t”.

The youngster ,26 years old  idealism . he is sitting at the corner of the bench in the office filled with people.the noises swallowed the sound of his racing heartbeat .An officer approaches him and hands him a letter telling him that they are sorry that the youngster could not be selected even this year.The youngster who is visibly hurt and starts to leave the  place without uttering a word.The officer advice him to  not to loose hope,he is talented  and he could definitely makes it next year.The youngster mocks that his talent brought him nothing in spite of this many years struggle and he can’t do anything anymore and starts leaving saying he is quitting.when persisted by the officer he holds his hands and utters”i can’t”.

The man,42 years old calmness.he is sitting along with his wife in doctor’s office .They seems deeply worried.His wife cares his face saying everything will be alright,he gives a meek smile.doctor comes into the room with  reports.Looking at the  sulky doctor,wife cries while the man hold his composure.The man consoles his wife and tells her, he is still there with her for a while.Wife pleads with doctor to do something,the doctor consoles that her husband could be treatable even though its risky.The man doesn’t approve of the idea of treatment which could make him dependent on his wife for the rest of the life.”i want to die peacefully without much pain to me and others”,saying so he starts leaving the place.when his wife shouts that he can’t do this, at least he have to try .The man with a straight face utters”i can’t”.

jay ,once a kid,boy and youngster,now the 42 years old man.He is adjusting the photographs at the wall then his wife comes and helps him.Looking at the photos  she said”right from going to school  even when it was hard to moving on from your first breakup to achieving the position in the team after massive rejections,you did every thing you said you can’t.now you said you can’t again ,its time jay to prove yourself wrong once again “.he smiles at her nodding.


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