//I saw a plant dancing to Mozart

I saw a plant dancing to Mozart

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I witnessed something that I can’t believe. It was the day right after Diwali. This day is always very still. Markets were closed, streets were empty, people stay in home with their family and go out in evening. I was lying on bed, listening to music of the long dead Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart.

The other door in my room opens to balcony, it is filled with plants. Across the balcony, I had my sight stuck on two plants kept really close. I always admired that particular view. Little oranges grow on one of those plants and nothing but leaves grow on that other plant which has few stems. The sun was bright but the big clouds gave the day a beautiful shadowy look. Wind made it even better, it was the kind of wind which gently blows your hair and leaves you smiling.

I often saw wind very gently making those two plants move, usually the oranges in circular motion while the leaves alternatively up and down. It was the same that day. At random, Mozart’s The Piano Sonata no.16 started to play. Then, I found myself staring unconsciously at a particular stem of the plant which has nothing but leaves; that stem was just an arm length above the ground, a little longer than it’s peeps. Magnitude of movements that stem showed were more than what I normally saw.

Out of nowhere, my ears got me listening to that Mozart piece that was still playing. Tune of Mozart and that plant’s movement were the only two things occupied in my mind and Boom! I saw that stem was dancing in utmost coordination to the Mozart’s composition. It felt like nothing in whole world can match better to Mozart’s notes than that dancing plant. The change in movements were so in tune with change in rhythm, in symphony of that music. Each movement of that plant felt like there cannot be a better move for that particular note.

I was amazed, it was like witnessing a magic.
Well ofcourse, It was a co-incidence but but it felt real, so real, so so real. I was extremely cynical of considering that plant was really dancing to that Mozart’s tune but the perfection of those movements were having me doubt my cynicism.

I found my brain in a quarrel with myself. I didn’t know whom should I believe or what should I believe, on one side there was something I witnessed with my eyes; I was there watching; in happened right in front of me and on the other side it was my inability to acknowledge that something miraculous of this sort could be actualised.

I was contemplating about this incident, lost in arguing for both of the sides and unable to conclude. My cynicism was prevailing in the fight but the other side, the side forcing myself to believe me in such petty miracles, presented some very well arguments. The other side made me think that isn’t the existence of the world is itself a miracle? Isn’t our ability to be able to think is a miracle? So if the whole world is a miracle at its very base then why can’t a plant dancing to Mozart can’t be real. If we think that plant dancing to Mozart could be an illusion then I wonder why this whole world shouldn’t be perceived as an illusion? Our existence could just easily be an illusion and maybe nothing is real. Maybe real doesn’t even exist. Maybe the only real is what exists in our minds and not same things exists in mind of the next person.


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