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I Should Have Died 3 Years Ago

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3 years ago. Facebook reminded me of the things I posted 3 years ago. 

3 years ago I cheated death. 

3 years ago I was about to die due to an accidental death. I was about to be hit by a speeding motorcycle while I was standing in the middle of the pedestrian lane while I was crossing the road. Both lanes are for North and South bounds. No one can change their lanes as it’s all for one lane each in West Service Road. The speeding motorcycle didn’t notice me as he was looking at something below his legs and at the back side of his motorcycle. I was stuck in the middle when he came speeding away. There’s no space or gap that I can go to to avoid getting hit. I had a few eyewitnesses. I also looked to the left and right before I made my move whenever I crossed the street. The motorcycle just came out of nowhere. I was about to be hit head on and died upon impact looking at my standpoint and the speed and body of his motorcycle. I’m not sure if I was ready to die that day but it happened in a split second. I wasn’t hit by the speeding motorcycle. I just felt the air brush through my hair that made my side hair go forward to the left. I still can’t explain it today after 3 years. The guy onlooker also can’t explain it. The next thing I knew the motorcycle passed me already as he was on my left side already. Our brains can’t explain how it happened but it did. It was as if I became invisible that the motorcycle just passed me by without me getting hit by it. In my head, in my analysis I should have died 3 years ago with that accident. But I didn’t. I just felt a warm air that was very comforting breezed through me. Even the rider of that motorcycle was surprised. Nobody can explain it till this day. And this is one of my life experiences that I can say and serve as an example that angels do exist. Because of them, I am still alive today. 

Happy Anniversary to you near death. November 30 was the recent time I cheated death again. Not my time, He says. Miracles and angels do exists. I am alive because of them.


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