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Importance of life

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In time and dimension….


the pole star

I have completed my post graduation and PhD from Harvard university. Physics was always my subject of love. I was always working and working and working …… I was basically a geek student and my life was quite boring. There were only few friends during school and most of the kids didn’t even know I existed . Teacher’s liked me for my good conduct and sincerity. But above all I was happy with myself , living in my own world of imagination . While studying PhD I submitted a paper on time , space and reality . And during my research work I realised that time is nothing but the measurement of clock in accordance with the rotation of earth and rising of sun. There is infinite amount of time and space unknown to human entity. Years back I was a part of American research centre where a project was taken for building time machine and it was successful .Travelling on time machine means we can manipulate time and space according to physical dimension .It means if I go back to my past through time machine and kill my grandmother then I would eventually become extinct in the present. So we were strictly notified by the above authority that while travelling into past or future we had to act as an observer without harming any living being or manipulating the environment. The time machine was like a space shuttle cock with all amenities for living including oxygen .
            This was my dream moment . I always imagined how it would be to meet my self in the past. All my life I worked hard and waited for this moment. I started 10 ,000BC in the past and saw the evolution of mankind . I saw the tribal people fighting with wild animals ,saw the forest growing into buildings for the civilized people ,saw the cause and consequences of world war, saw the defeat of proud and greedy men , saw arising buildings from the debris of destruction. Saw natures creation and destruction at the same time in different parts of the world .
Then I decided to go future, hundred billion and million years from now only to see that earth has already collapsed to from another polestar .There was just black empty space all around me with no green trees, blue skies, no people , no civilization. I could see the space debris coming into my path so I needed to come back to the present and immediately stopped the mission.



Seeing earth’s death made me feel grief and sad but it was natural process of birth and death .When the earth will grow old , it has to die like every other species. That moment I wanted to come back home, hug my parents, enjoy dinner together and wanted to give time to myself . In all these years I was so busy with work that I almost forget my existence.
              Today I am an old woman sitting in my couch reminiscing the past. During our life time we are just trapped in between time and space . Without time and space we would have no life on earth and one day like every other human being our entity would mix with earth and become a pole star. This was the most amazing Vivid memory of my life .I realise the importance of life . We are just tiny creature of this giant universe. Achievement and success are part of life but understanding the importance of life and living every moment itself makes life successful.


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