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“manga jisko hamne tha
vo shayad naseeb me na tha
jiska bhi tha
par mera na tha”

just like every other girl i too had a love story which is way too different from it either  love , a story  or a poem,u decide at the end of reading it.

butterfly tingling in stomach happened for the first time when i saw him in the twelth class sitting next to me and checking out every other girl passing that very moment i thought “kaash ye mera hota”!!from being crush to being fb friends things were going on quite well.
one day we were talking on a phone call and teasing each other and i interrupted in between and said will you be my boyfriend ??for one minute there was complete silence on both sides.i lost my heartbeat when he replied YES!!

two different souls living and exploring their own way of destiny started talking.days ended into weeks and then months.we share beautiful moments ,video calls ,screenshots and of course some small trips across different cities.long distance relationship is hard to maintain but there is profound love.

time changes so fast that sometimes it is difficult to get adapted with it.we both grew busy on our parts and started to devote less time to each other.
he left my heart cold when the message pops up on my screen “i dont love you as much as you do” its hard to love you baby” m sorry ,i need a breakup!!
my world turns upside down and it was hard to believe ,i called him instantly and told him to stop being funny but in a very serious tone he replied “u have to believe this” and move on.i cried  and cried but nothing change.

yaade vo ajeeb thi,jisme
ek pal main hansi or dusre pal main gam tha|

after few months when i was about to get on my own track and busy with my stuff again a message pops up”i miss you” “i want u back” this melted my heart!again  we started talking
this was the first mistake i did in my relationship period.once a person leaves you ,should never get another chance.
he broke my heart again by saying that its difficult to manage the little things.
on new year eve we finally broke up…

after lots of hardships and sleepless nights i decided to stand up again to see the rising sun and i promised myself
that i’m not gonna take someones shit deep into my head and let me affect so badly.

unko yaad karte karte
na khudko bhool jaun
ye duaan hain hamari
“bas thodi kaabil ban jaun”||- Inshaallah

i tried to find happiness in my own little world.i did things which i never thought i could. i started  a small ngo with my friends and help the children in need. i did painting ,writing, reading and all those things that keep me busy and gives me push from inside.

you know when its over maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you…

now when i look back i feel happy and satisfied.sometimes in life you need setbacks so that you can get a clear vision of what you actually deserve .self love is the biggest gift one can gift herself!
my mom once said god doesn’t gives you what you really want,but what is actually best for you .

just a reminder for all those people who are hurt and depressed,ITS OK! take your time ,stay in bed .but do comeback with the same zeal and show the world that u can …and you are… A SURVIVOR!!


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