Iron lady

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 They see my disability .I see my ability. They said I am unable and I said I am differently able.

I am from middle class family .As usual I got married at 18. I want to become an artist but I became a housewife… I said my father if it makes you happy  then I will.but it is not a Happy marriage. After two years,me and my husband traveling in a road. We met with an accident.however, he managed to escape I am happy for him but myself not. The car fallen in a ditch . After a couple of minutes police arrived and recused me. My eyes are half opened my mind is not with me. I am hearing sound of ambulance smell of hospital ,doctors are checking me,my mom and brothers are crying for me. I went to a dark room with yellow light all the person in the room surrounded me.That all I remember I wake up after a day . I was surrounded by my mom and brothers.i know I am in hospital by smell and I fell my self that I am bedridden. I tried to walk but my legs are not supporting me . I got panic I shouted in fear doctors and nurses arrived and my blood relation tried to control me. I removed the wires and glucose that was connected to me.I just came to control after using anathesia. Later doctor came and address me that my rib cage is damaged and I lost my urine bowel control and I paralyse for life…..he also mentioned that I cannot become a mother again……I was shocked it was more painful than my injuries. I cried like a baby that I need a baby…… I asked my mom why it’s me??? She replied that it will also pass away…God has kept something special for you..

I spent a month in hospital after a lot of surgery my nose can’t smell anything other than drugs smell my ear not hear anything other than crying of an loved ones.

After few days I received a letter from my husband I thought it was a love letter but it is a divorce papers.

I cried a lot I asked “what about the promise you made to God “”what about the promise you made to my parents”.”what about the promise you made to me “These are the questions that surrounded my mind like anything. But all the questions that arose in my mind I put it in a dust bin

By making my heat like a stone from pillow and put my sign on divorce papers. With lot of determination  I decided that I should not please him for my life…….

With a strong heart I texted him on his marriage that I am happy for him and I am happy about his decision…..

My mind covered with my divorce,my paralyse and most important thing I can’t be a mother….

Doctor advise that I should be bedridden not for one month not for two month I need complete rest of two years…..

My back has been infected a lot due to a lot of surgeries and my mind full of depression I thought of over come this depression by my painting although doctor said that my wrist are damaged……

My painting covered my feeling.. I thought of  adopting a child  to overcome my disability…now I am motivating many differently abled person…. I have started my NGO…l have been anchor in television for past three years……..


Just show this world how strong you are…

Inspired from muniba mazari


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