Leap of Elope

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My hostel room was filled with trolley bags that I had carried all the way from my hometown to Mysore when I got transfer to this calm and clean city. Sitting in front of the cupboard overloaded with clothes all new and old the only thought running across my mind was am I doing it right. Definitely its not about my packing skill I was questioning something more important and serious matter of my life. Eloping !! you read it right I was packing to elope .Before your two eyes sends signal to your mind and you start judging me, let me take you to the  backstory of my present situation.

I am Meera , working as software developer in one of the reputed IT firm for last 5 years . The first project allocated to me post my training in Kochi was in Chennai. Along with my other batch mates who are part of the same project I traveled from one south Indian state to another one.Memory of that bus journey en route from  Kochi to Chennai is fresh in my mind even today.Being an introvert travelling with lesser known people is same as travelling with strangers because in either situation I feel social pressure to talk and sanity of my silence is disturbed , I felt the need to make myself comfortable around them as they are the same people with whom I will be sharing my work space too in future. Laughing at their lame jokes at that point of time was my way of trying to fit in.On reaching Chennai finding a PG and getting accustomed with regional language was a struggle of its own kind .When I informed my parent about my posting in Chennai for the first time I remember how they had nightmares which stood on foundation of all prenotion thoughts they had about the city,people and language barrier . Though none of which effected my stay which I and they both realized with passing time .

Welcome to Chennai!! this is the city where I met the boy with whom later I decided to spent rest of my life .  Akash was my senior when I joined , with couple of years experience more in his bag. Though he was not the one who trained me but he was definitely the one who would help me if  I am stuck with something in office. His personality can be best defined as  the only guy in entire campus  to dress up in fluorescent shoes and pants with confidence of supermodel. He knew that people around him criticizes his way of dressing and some would even make fun of him but he would shut them all with one simple answer “I wear my mood  so if I am happy you see my skin covered with all of it “.  Among latter ones even I am included I have asked him umpteen number of times that from where is he buying his clothes and shoes they are not only branded but also flashy ones from the collection.I was sure shop owner would have separate carton for Akash filled with choicest of colors. But our cord did  not struck there, it was books, with increasing conversation I realized that there is one more side to personality of Akash beyond his flashy wardrobe.  One evening in office I was reading a book and he came up to me from no where, thereafter starting a conversation filled with names of  bestseller authors, books etc and it was music to my ears.After 11 months of working in Chennai my friends and room mates from different states were moving to their respective city or to the one nearby . Even I took transfer to Mysore in that same row. I bid Akash a good bye with assurance of being in contact , unaware of anything that our future hold.

After few months of me coming to Mysore I was hardly in touch with anyone in Chennai but still once or twice  Akash made a point to check on my well being in this new city and slowly we both got busy in our respective life , our interaction got reduced from seldom to none.One afternoon I was lying on my bed flipping page of newly bought book,when I got a message from my friend which read about sudden demise of Akash father. It was heart breaking for me because father is the one protecting us  from every harsh rays loosing him forever only means that  loosing the support forever.Without any further delay I dropped a message in messenger to Akash since the number which I had was not reachable .He replied instantly and informed me that its been more than 6 months to his dad’s demise and now he has come way ahead of that.He gave his new number and we started talking for hours long . 100s of messages were exchanged .In those day I was doing my night shifts and he will be awake playing FIFA so my break time was solely dedicated to our conversation. In one of the conversation he said me that his father fell in his workplace while helping one of  his colleague and how everything changed after that because death came to him before his age.  Akash tried to manage his dad’s business by leaving his current job but he did not had his luck in that . So he decided to hop back to IT . The night before his interview ,while discussing with me he confessed if he clears the interview scheduled for next day he has something very important thing to tell me.

Next morning I wished him luck totally unaware of subject he is willing to talk about post interview. Usually during  lunch time after eating I would speak with him but on that day since he was in interview we spoke directly in the evening. My phone rang out loud while I was munching on something , I heard enthusiastic voice from other end when I answered the call. Akash had cleared the interview and that was the evening he proposed me. I was taken back by his action as this was completely unexpected for me. Though he had record of healthy flirting with me in past conversations but I never took it seriously .I took a good one year to say yes it was 4th October 12:15 AM . He reassured multiple times .We were in relationship from that very day till today crossing all hurdles of misunderstanding, insecurities.With huge amount of love and respect for each other .

In this entire episode I missed one small detail which is we both belong to two different caste .It is evidently insignificant for us but for my parents it is the only existing parameter for a guy if he wish to marry me. It was after 2 and half year of successful relationship we decided it is time to reveal to my parents and so this time when I went to my hometown for vacation I told to my parents and sisters.If you think it is only my parents who opposed it then you are wrong its my sisters too.Though both are well educated I have lately realized that they are conveniently modern. Both of them rejected it upright on my face without any discussion.After this revelation in my home I started getting calls late at night from my mom sobbing , scolding and asking me to just forget the guy.She even asked me to leave job.It was just yesterday that my uncle called me and threaten me to dig my grave if I do inter caste marriage.Last whole week was about crying , listening to accuses it was scarring my mental stability constantly .It forced me to question the era we are in .In one end we are the generation that witnessed  legalization of  LGBTQ and on the other there educated portion of handful people that are still opposing inter caste marriages. We are contradicting our progressive thoughts and lately I have realized that education have nothing to do with it. I have pleaded to dad to meet Akash once and not to make caste as the reason of rejection.

Finally me and Akash have decided to do register marriage for which I am packing my bags.I tried all the possible ways to make them meet at least once but all doors are closing slowly and before it will get too late we decide to write our fate by ourselves.Tomorrow Akash is coming from Chennai by afternoon and evening we are leaving for Chennai my room mates are going to help me in this because they have witnessed me breaking down mentally in this entire process. I know its extreme to hurt our parents but I am left with no choice I gave a year and more but situation are worsening with passing days in my home. If I don’t take this leap now , I would be dragged to the ground and mountain will just remain as dream.



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  1. saravanan February 27, 2020 at 3:13 pm - Reply

    The themes of the story—struggle, fitting in, living in fear—all of these are archetypal in nature and always of interest. Many students have similar experiences today. Really great story sharing the vibes of Pain and beauty.


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