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Maybe, It’s high time?

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An incident that inspired me! But how could there be an ‘a’ to it? I mean how could there be just one incident inspiring you? For me, there is something, somebody or somewhere that continues to inspire me every day and every moment of my life.


I am an ardent believer in the fact that life is the world’s best teacher and that it continues to surprise us each day. It makes sure that no matter what happens we hope. Because as they say, it’s only until we have hope that tomorrow awaits.


Being a physiotherapist, I face a new adventure every day. As soon as a patient walks in the out-patient department, my roller coaster journey commences. A journey filled with enthusiasm, care, love, assessments, techniques, measurements and most of all- HOPE that the tomorrow will be better than today.


This story is about me, it’s also about you, and it’s also about the girl sitting right across you or the elderly gentleman crossing the road. It can be about anybody. You can take it however you like!


The first person that changed my life was the nine year old girl that couldn’t walk like me. She had a rare congenital spinal abnormality that had resulted in no curves in her spine but one in her knee. But even such challenges couldn’t deter her spirit to rise and shine amidst her misery. Her innocent smile on each of her visits made me believe that maybe, just maybe we should stop focusing on what we don’t have and start appreciating what we seamlessly take for granted. It’s a treat to the eyes to see her fly, even when she can’t walk.

The second person who has taught me something what was beyond the scope of any textbook is that old lady with dementia. I still remember the day when I had first met her. I was told that I just have to supervise her sessions as she is already familiar with her regimen. Initially, her urge to ask how much more after every repetition along with her tendency to ask my name, annoyed me.

She is someone who fails to remember if she had gone to the bathroom or not, someone who asks the time thrice in 1 minute, someone who doesn’t remember if she had even met me before even when I have been treating her for weeks.

Yet, she is also someone who smiles to every therapist. She has made me believe that despite the fact that even when she would sometimes forget us; there would be moments when she would remember. You know what, those are absolutely WORTH it. They are worth the wait, the effort, the patience and the care. She is worth it!

The laugh of the 23 year old girl with nerve palsy or the dance of the amputee after an accident or the boyish grin of the boy who couldn’t complete high school because of his spinal tumor that had just relapsed; made me realize how much of life I miss out every minute that I waste not counting on my blessings.

It’s high time we realized that life is much more that the small cubical of desires we trap ourselves in.

It’s high time we started counting our blessings and forgetting what all is missing out.

It’s high time we realized that there are people who aren’t even sure if there will be a tomorrow or not.

It’s high time we stopped judging everyone around us without being in their shoes.

Maybe, they are fighting larger battles. You never know, you know…





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    Very well written!


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