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My Best Friend

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Being a social butterfly was always cool and I was aspiring to be one, I still aspire to be one.

During my school days I was an introvert, but then at the age of fourteen I wanted nothing but to be the famous, I wanted good grades, I wanted to be in teacher’s good books, I wanted my own clique, but being the introvert I am I always backed away from being social.

I met my best friend in my ninth standard. She was a good girl, had good grades, was good with teachers but only thing she didn’t had was fame among the students.

In tenth, our school divided our divisions according to our intelligence, my bestie was in A grade with intelligent people and I was in B with no friends.

It was during our preliminary exams that everything went wrong, my need to get in class A with my best friend got so much that I started ignoring my studies and that only resulted with bad results. My grades slipped from seventy to fifty. I went from class B to class C.

I got so embarrassed then that I started feeling low and depressed. But still my best friend didn’t thought of me any low, instead she tried teaching me and showing me ways to improve my studies but my mind was still stuck on the point where I had to go to class A with all the intelligent people and where my best friend was.

And then after my first prelim, during my open house when my parents saw my results they were heartbroken and I got so sad then thinking I was of no good but then they encouraged me to do good in my next exams. And I was happy once again knowing they still trusted me to do good.

With my parents they always thought I had many friends because that’s what I used to tell them at home when in reality I only had one friend, which I lost too with my stupidity and selfishness.

I had no idea, and I still don’t that what happened after my second preliminary exams that I suddenly started ignoring my best friend. We used to sit together during our lunch period, sharing tiffins and desserts but then whenever she used to come to eat with me, I used to get up and leave her.

Whenever she tried to talk to me, I used to turn away and run inside the bathroom to hide. I still remember the look of confusion and hurt on her face whenever I used to do this. Her hurt face still haunts me whenever I close my eyes and curse at myself for doing what I did. I went as far as making fun of her with my other classmates who always pretended to be my friends, but I know better, they were only with me for some gossip.

After my board exams we never saw each other, I’m almost twenty now, four years have passed and I miss her, miss our talks. I still have her number saved on my phone and I still haven’t got the confidence to call her and apologize for my disgusting behaviour.

If I had a chance to go back, I would only want to go back and rectify my mistake.

Since then I knew, never take anyone for granted, especially if that someone was important to you in your life, they give you a lesson to learn and not to do the same mistake in your life ever again.


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