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I have an irregular period but is only delayed for maximum of 2 weeks. Last 2017, I first experienced missing my period for 3 consecutive months. I was sure that I was not pregnant because I haven’t engaged in sexual activities and I just let my delayed period be. In short, it didn’t alarm me or worry me at all. I just thought that maybe I was stressed at work which caused my delayed period.

On year 2018, I missed my period again for 2 months. I started to worry because I’ve read and seen a lot of articles about PCOS. PCOS has also been the topic of the girls here in our office and talked about how hard it is to have it, and how irritated they get just because of PCOS. That’s when I decided to have myself checked.

I was diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome last September 28, 2018 through a transvaginal ultrasound. My OB told me that my eggs are not fertile and won’t get fertile, and that I am not ovulating. She said that getting pregnant will be harder for me. My OB also mentioned me that if ever I already decided to have a baby, she can prescribe fertility pills, but it will only give me a low chance of getting pregnant. I asked her for other options if ever that won’t work, and she mentioned IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) or in layman’s term, “test tube baby”. It is the process of fertilizing an egg outside the body, in a laboratory dish, and then implanting it in a woman’s uterus.

I know I am not ready yet to have a baby but when I heard that from my doctor, it crushed my heart and made me cry. I suddenly wanted to have a baby and suddenly wanted to become a mother. But since during this time, I am not yet ready to become a mother financially and emotionally, I asked her that I am not interested to get fertility pills or IVF. I just want a pill that will normalize my period again.

My doctor gave me two options:

  • Birth control Pills
  • Hormonal Pills

When you have PCOS, you are not allowed to take too much sugar as you are now prone to diabetes and will lead to other diseases; and taking birth control pill will make your blood thicker, thus, making you more prone to diabetes. Also, taking birth control pills can damage your kidney as you take it every day until your period comes; but taking birth control pill doesn’t give you the assurance as well that you will now have your monthly period. The only advantage that I saw in taking birth control pills is that, this is much cheaper than the hormonal pills.

Hormonal pills (progesterone) on the other hand is safer. It will not make your blood thicker as the pill is in gel form and only contain the needed hormone to normalize your period. You also only take these 12 days every month, thus, it will not harm your kidney that much compared to birth control pills. Taking this pill should be every 15th day from the start of your period. For example, you had your period on the 3rd of the month, you count from the first day as one (1) and then count to 15. In that case, you should start taking your pill on the 17th day of the month for 12 days meaning 17th of the month up to 31st. The only downside of this pill is that, it is much more expensive than birth control pills plus, personally speaking, this gave me intense drowsiness and headache. The pills that my OB prescribed was Heragest and Heragest did its job in normalizing my period. I had my monthly period once again.

(If Heragest gives you nausea, Duphaston is another option)

Now, let us go back to when my OB told me that even taking a fertility pill or undergoing IVF will give me a low chance of getting pregnant. Slowly, I learned to accept that it’ll be hard for me to have a baby. I started making plans for my own growth instead than mourning over something I cannot change. I have moved on and was ready to conquer the world, when 2019 hit me.

I missed my period for a month, but it didn’t worry me for that seems to be a normal thing for me already. But then, I started feeling unusual things in my body that I haven’t experienced before. I didn’t think that they were signs of pregnancy, I just thought there’s something wrong with my body, until I opened this up to a friend. She suspected me of being pregnant and it worried me a bit, so I decided to take a pregnancy test at home.

I did 3 PTs on first day and all PT sticks were positive. On the next few days, the positive line has become faded and I thought maybe I’m not pregnant. I started telling this to my friend and she suggested to have myself checked at the hospital.

I did it immediately. I had what they call “serum pregnancy test” and the result was positive. I had an ultrasound on that same day and there I saw my baby. My baby was like a cute little jiggly jellybean with a cute tiny beating heart and I think that’s wonderful.

I can’t explain the feeling the first time I saw my baby on screen. It made me cry but I’m sure those were tears of joy. I know I was not ready yet but it’s better to have the baby earlier than to have nothing at all given the condition that I have.

This is a blessing and God’s most precious gift to me. I felt so lucky that God chose me to carry an angel and be his guide in this world.

For all women out there, who are also suffering from PCOS and having a hard time having a baby, please don’t lose hope. God is full of miracles. Just wait for God’s perfect timing and it will come to you the least you expect it.


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