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My Perch – Celebrating Childhood

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Some days we look like a library – we read, write and ponder
Other days we are a school where we learn, educate, unlearn & unschool
Some days we are a creative, mindful theater group & harmonious musical center

On all days, we are magical, creative and pure. Proud to be at center of this place called “My Perch” where the intent is so pure and vibes are so positive that we can be just anything we want

Story of “My Perch” is unique but not impossible because I strongly believe that world is running because of places like these and we still believe in goodness because of people like Kamiya.

Kamiya is my younger sister but I don’t know when but she became elder to me and many, in terms of wisdom, compassion, clarity and selflessness. She looked after our dad when he was bedridden for 10 years after brain tumour surgery and that decade gave birth to this beautiful person who is now capable to take care of so many.

In prime of her youth and career, she decided to leave her corporate job and become a welfare worker, a change-maker.  She unlike all of us, could identify what she is meant to do  and what would bring her the real happiness. She worked with many NGOs – to support, to benefit, to understand, to make world a better place and she discovered that she wants to work for children. Soon she decided to open a magical abode for children from Barola slum in Noida and called it “ My Perch.”

 “There really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child” and this love motivated her to start “My Perch”.

Childhood is most precious period of one’s life. Rose gets its colour and vitality from its root and so does each one of us. A healthy childhood is what each one deserves and needs. The precious childhood is trampled of many. And it is very prevalent with the underprivileged kids of not very resourceful areas, of not very aware parents. Their innocence, potential and uniqueness is lost to the crudeness of the world.

Idea of “My Perch “was to create a safe and non-judgmental space for them. Space where they receive love, warmth, where they want to try, where they want to experiment, where they want to learn for the joy of learning and where they would one day discover their true-selves.  Where they want to come back again and again not to achieve or attain but to be. So, for each of these high flying birds- we are its Perch, and that’s why each one of us calls it, “My Perch.”

Someone has rightly said it “Children are not the things to be folded. But people to be unfolded”. “My perch” is small effort in that direction.

Our organisation is a registered charitable trust in Noida running for past 5 years. It’s a welcoming place for all age group with the collection of age appropriate books, games, puzzles etc for everyone. We have weekly workshops for music, theater, guitar, dance, computer, painting, cooking and periodic workshops for gender awareness, environment, poetry, crafts and many more. My Perch is a cocoon of hope for underprivileged kids from Barola and gives them solace from their brute world. It’s a small effort to preserve their uniqueness and boost their growth. We are focusing on following things:

  • Basic education and literacy
  • Hands on Reading
  • Creative and aesthetic development
  • Improving mental and emotional well being
  • Early childhood education
  • Creating safe spaces

Working with these beautiful bundles of hope is different than many other forms of work, it is full of challenges, financial crunch, hardships, loads of learning yet something satiating to take every day. We take away glimpses of budding poets on some days, a look of future dancers, blossoming poets and artists on many days.


This road is very rough and challenges are boundless. We struggle for funds and many things but yet there are things that keep us going.

Our heart is filled with proud when we see these kids from not so resourceful background, asking thought provoking questions on transgender, puberty, sexuality. We see have made some difference when we see the boys from these areas, helping their sisters with work, during their menstrual cycle. We feel that we have watered the seeds right, when we see them crafting the products of need with waste and eco-friendly material. We feel immense joy when we see them exploring the skylines of theatre, dance, science or music or any art of their choice.

Our impact is heartfelt. It is so conspicuous in the eyes, smiles and lives of all those who come to “My Perch”.


About the Author:

First the challenges and then the people. That’s usually how I see things.” A passionate entrepreneur, a vigorous stage artist, an avid storyteller and a learner for life. I love stories and the joy they bring. I 'll love to take people in an imaginary world where magic is rampant and dreams are real!


  1. Kamiya March 1, 2020 at 7:40 pm - Reply

    Surreal! Amazing are those who see goodness in others and take steps to spread it!

  2. Poonam Bharti March 13, 2020 at 6:46 am - Reply

    Really great initiative


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