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New year’s Revelation

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It was New year’s eve and everyone were out partying except for me and my friend Sagar. We were busy preparing for our exams, which we both failed more times than we could count with our hands. I was sitting in the veranda starring at the sky, wondering how small creatures humans are, in a tiny planet inside the solar system, which is a small part of the milky way, which is one among a million galaxies.

It was then, Sagar patted on my back and said that he got a Revelation. Sagar was a sort of guy, who got involved in high degree philosophical thoughts, which were difficult to understand for me. He said that an angel came to him and told  that he should go out and distribute the chocolates, his mother sent, to the street children out there.

I asked him to stop messing around. But he kept on insisting that we should go out.

” What about our New year’s Resolution? We could have went out partying with others” I said.

“This is more important than that. I got a Revelation man. Maybe the chocolates that were produces in Switzerland, exported to Dubai and from there to here was meant for those children.” He said.

“You are crazy man. What is this Revelation thing? Is it like that Divine Intervention thing in Pulp Fiction?” I said

“That’s an entire different thing. Now let’s go.”

“I thought you were studying”

“Yeah. Took a power nap, but it went on for sometimes. And how many stars did you count?”

“OK, fine let’s go” I said

We went out and walked for sometimes. The street was empty and not a soul was to be found except for some stray dogs and bikers who passed now and then.

“I think we should go back and eat the chocolates ourselves. Maybe that was the Revelation about. ” I said

“You can go back, but I am not coming.” Sagar said. He was always like that. Looking for problems and adventures based on his crazy ideas. Without option I followed. We walked for some more time and were about to give up, when we saw a women standing few distance away from us.

” At last! ” He exclaimed

“But your Revelation was to give the chocolates to the children. I think it’s not a good idea to approach a lonely women at night. The place is bad. ” I said.

But Sagar always did the opposite of what I told him. As we went closer we understood that, the women was a transgender. We were flabbergasted. Our previous experience with them was not a lovely tale. I took a step backward to run, but Sagar held my hand firmly. We walked towards the women. I gained all my brave instincts. As we got closer the women turned back.

“Happy New year mam.” We said in unison and gave the chocolates to her.

“Thank you and same to you.” She said and smiled.

We smiled and walked back.

“May be the chocolates were meant for her. It was destiny.” Sagar said.

“Enough of your craziness.” I said

” Why were you scared? Last years incident? Man there are the good and bad ones everywhere irrespective of the race, colour, religion or gender.” Sagar said.

“Enough philosopher. Now what should I do? Publish an article about this, so that you can become famous?”

“Do you know Edvin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin? ”


“He was the second person to land on the moon. Most of the guys do not know him. Why? Because he was the second one. No one remembers the second ones.”

” So?”

” They might not be much famous. But their legacy prevails. There are people who remembers them and for them, they will be always great. It is the work done that will prevail. Not the fame. Whoever you are, whether you are Lincoln, Napolean or Alexander, people and time will eventually forget you. Only thing that lasts, is you legacy. The things you have done. For example look at that women. She might remember me for a long time. Maybe forever. Maybe we were the only ones who behaved to her like that. Maybe it will make her day. You saw that smile right. That smile. That smile is more valuable than all these fame and other things. It will prevail and last forever in time. ” Sagar said.

” You are always high, even without getting high. I think you should consult a psychiatrist. ” I said

We walked back to our room and went to our bed. Others were still outside partying and we didn’t wait for the New year count down. Every year was same for us. The same old resolution and this year  for a change, this new Revelation thing.

Sagar fell asleep as soon as he landed his body in to the bed. But I couldn’t sleep. Even though I mocked him earlier, those words came back to me. I thought about the women’s smile. Yes that was indeed valuable. We might have made her day. Maybe she got an affection, she expects from no one else in this whole world. We had done something great. Yes the smile. That smile meant many things. Love, gratitude, hope…. Yeah most importantly hope. The good thing that never dies, which prevails and last forever. I felt a positive vibe inside me. I tried to sleep, but the women’s smile kept on coming back. What a way to start a New year!!!!




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