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Now. Never. Forever

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Now I stand at the verge of a trench. Behind me is a trench of 17 years. I crossed and know every inch of it.
I climbed and reached on the top with both my hands pushing my body and uplifting it.
As soon as I got up, I see the dazzling light approaching from every point. The points which I didn’t know I was destined for.
Standing on the verge, coming this up and far, now I had to follow this light and believe wherever it helds me.
I started walking following this light.
Every point I reached, the light got stronger and brighter than before.
Walking and walking, following it for three months.
I thought the destination has come. But what did I know?

Never I knew that the light emerging from the brightest point was coming from the distant part of another Trench further.
When I reached at the verge of that another Trench I saw a depth of Four years.
The Time was ticking and the Destination was calling.
I had to catch up with the light or it’d have gone far away, missing it.
And I jumped, even not thinking for a second I jumped.
On reaching bottom I found my mental state wounded.
Also, I realized that the light was waiting up above, for me. As if she wanted to take me along.
I got up, started climbing again. Again with sheer will and all the stamina in my blood.
As soon as I got up to the verge the light started moving forward with its pace doubled.
So fast that I had to run to keep up with it.
Running and Running I gain encountered a Trench.
But this time, it was not much deep and I could see the bottom, but long enough to cross.
Also, there was sign board quoting “Do not touch the bottom or you will be stuck for Lifetime”.
This time, I could also see the source of light, the destination, at a far distance.
I also believed the notion that to reach your destination we have to face struggles, struggles to climb every trench.
But what did I know?

Forever I had known a skill of constructing bridges, bridges to dodge barriers along my way.
The only reason I didn’t dodge untill now was I had been taught, I was confined to a mental ability that to achieve something there must be hinderances and you must struggle and cross those.
The day I got stuck at the verge of the this last trench to the light source destination. I decided not to face hinderances but build a bridge to cross the trench.

I threw two ropes with a hook, on the trailing edge of the Trench. These ropes were the pathways to destination.
And then I step by step placed and tied each and every plank to the rope, creating a whole bridge.
Well, it took me 5 years to build one.

While I was going through that bridge a lot of people were stuck down below in that trench.
They looked up at me and I felt pity for them and they felt doubtedly happy for me.
Now they only know why they had doubts, I just continued.

As soon as I stepped on the trailing verge, my intuitions which always pushed me to move forward, became happy. I could sense that form within.
I could see the source of light, the destination.
I took a walk of excitement with that little smile on my face.
And when I got there, I was handed over the light, the torch, the gift for traveling so long to fulfill my journey to here.
And as I turned around I could see the journey, all of it.
From even before the ‘Now’ happened, the ‘Never’ travelled and till here the ‘Forever’ I have.
I could only sense blessings from all over.
But with a thought that no other person who comes to this path, this journey has to suffer what I suffered.
So the only thing I did was took up the light in my hands, went all the way back at the leading edge of the Trench before ‘Now’. Stood for a person to follow this path and waited at every point until he catches up the light and not run behind it, as I did.

Well it’s his story now,
‘Now’, ‘Never’, ‘Forever’.


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    AMAZING ❤🌻

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    This is just awesome.. lovely😇

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    Awesome 👌🏼👌🏼


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