//Number two

Number two

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my mother opened the window. Twisting and adjusting myself with rays I woke up , compromising with my sleep. She was yelling at me . Here I stood dull and lazy bug . Work and I was two north poles of a magnet which cannot attract.

Holding broomstick in one hand , roaming in the corridor. When people used to pass by I acted as I was working extremely hard and they should be glad that I am  in their services. This was spotted by my father with his keen eyes. He learnt that I am doing drama to make it a blockbuster.

He called upon me. He stood near a wall with a calendar hanged on a nail. He pointed his index finger to number two. He asked “what can you see”. I replied “number two”. I was amazed by his question. He continued”what does the number two resembles”. I said ” two” . He kept his well build hands on my smooth little shoulder and said “the number two resembles the date, the day, the month, the year “. As he proceeded futher the words already made me sink. Looking at my pretty confused look he said”when your name comes you should be imaged for your character, your behaviour, your attitude, your work “. The last word has pinched my heart making my eyes flodded somehow I gulped my salty water with great difficulty.

He referred “in algebraic form a number resembles a positive sign ahead of it, in english it denotes three letters word”. As of you should be the hopes ,expectations and possibilities for other.

He added”if number two is missing from the order ,does one and three gets affected”I said”yes”. He further mentioned”in the same way when you go missing persons around you should also get affected, they should realise your real value.

It was intensely hard to understand for my little brain . The words has collapsed all of the sudden . My father left the place handing me over a feeling of worthless. I can’t make an effort to make  an eye contact with anyone. I sat near a corner and wept very hard. I had many negative brain waves about my father. At that Turn of my life I comprehend how difficult it was to accept ones flaws .

And now I am at that phase of my life where just my name can bring smile on faces . But where there is a sunrise there’s also a sunset -if there are people who love you there will be equally balance haters too. I have learnt to admit the defects in my mechanism .

My mother had truly quoted “when you love everyone then you might have neglected many pitfalls of others , but when everyone loved you then you might throned over your flaws.

I feel myself cherished with blessings of my god that I got such an appreciable parents who have carved me, burnt me , melted me , squeezed me , broked me , collected me and yeah tried there level best maintain smile on my face. My proud knows no bounds when I am with them.

I am glad to be the daughter of the most prestigious and honourable parents who have helped me to become a diamond from a stone.

I cannot forget that may 2, 2012 morning.

Last I want to draw the conclusion that it’s very difficult to find self pitfalls but when you ruin it there will be nothing that can stop you from success .


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I Samia . I am a student. This is my first time and I wish it could turn up colour full . Fingers crossed.

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