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Sunlight crossing window touching bed, green plants in balcony feeling fresh, birds are chirping all around the sky. Suman is sitting on her bed, reading, she is still amazed by yesterday’s incident. She went to the market yesterday to buy groceries as she had a party at her house, afterall she became Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of her company. In the market, one poor boy was begging, ” Didi, give me some money, I’m hungry didi”. She refuses all the way long, than boy said, ” You seem rich, it won’t be a big deal for you to give some money, but I will be able to feed myself and my sister, please didi please,” being irritated she gave him some money. While walking toward her car she saw that boy with her younger sister, he bought something to eat and they both were eating, boy saw her and smiled, she smiled back and ride back to the house. She was happy that day, her party went great everybody congratulated her, but this happiness was not for success, something changed that day which she was also unaware of.

Today, she took some chocolates with her on her way to the office, in the hope that some kids
will come to beg, but no-one came, she was disappointed. She reached office, today is her first day as CFO, but it’s not as she expected, she is smiling but not happy. In the evening, while
returning home, she stopped in the signal, waiting, suddenly a boy came, ” Didi, give some
money please”, “What’s your name?” she asked, “Montu” boy replied. She immediately gave
some money and all of chocolates to him, he smiled and ran away. All her sadness suddenly
gone away, she was smiling all the way to the home. This continued some days, someday she
gave chocolate, someday flowers, and sometimes even took them to some restaurant. Now she was happy in her life, as if she found purpose in her life.

After some days, she joined foundation which help poor kids, teach them, feed them, she visits
there daily and help them. Now she doesn’t care for money, people or anything or anybody, she
just help as much as she could. Gradually, she started spending more time with these groups
instead of office, she was now not treated good in office as she used to be treated, everyone
started making fun of her, she was not respected in office anymore, but this didn’t stop her. After few months she quit her job and dedicated herself in helping poor kids, she started campaigning, donation website, connected with some restaurants for food, and schools for teaching. Slowly people started joining her, donating more and more and came forward to help those kids. She not only worked with one foundation but with many and also started one of her own, she wanted to help as many children as she could, she forgot her hunger, her needs, her dream, now this was only what she wants.

It was because of her and people connected with her that the literacy rate of rural areas got
high, number of children in school increased, numbers of poor kids on street reduces. Today
Suman got 65 year old, still full of energy for helping kids, she never got married, left her family and friends, indeed, she found her friends and family in those kids. “Didi…Suman didi, recognized me?” A boy touches Suman’s feet. “Sorry but I didn’t recognize you, who are you, son?” Suman said. “You remember, you gave me chocolate at signal, one…” “Montu!” Suman immediately replied. “How are you? What are you doing here? What you do?…” Suman started asking many questions, she was very happy on meeting him after so long. “I came to meet you, for thanking you to make me what I am today. I work in M.N.C, but I never thought I would be able to stand with all those people and do anything in my life, it was you who taught me, who encouraged me to struggle and told that nothing is impossible, that I am capable of doing anything I want. Thank you didi” replied Montu. She now knew she has achieved everything in her life. Today is her funeral, there are thousands of people from different places, all of her kids and their family praying for peace of her soul.


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